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Saturday, 28 January 2012


What is holding back David Cameron from passing legislation to control any of the following problems ?

1)  Is it right that shareholders' rights are diluted when Directors are "rewarded"  for  "just doing their job" ?

2)  Should the details of any Director's Contract or Bonus Conditions Contract  not be officially filed so that interested parties such as Shareholders, Auditors or the public can have access to the details ?

3) Should the Chancellor George Osborne not insist that there should be a cap on the earnings of each individual Director or "Manager" unless the excess above "normal" earnings possible is filed in a contract ?

4)  Should heavy penal fines not be envisaged if Directors or others receive or permit the payment of unreported  "benefits"  abroad, either directly or indirectly ?

5)  Should legal limits not be set on what "Remuneration Committees" are empowered to do ?   

If Prime Minister Cameron and the Chancellor Osborn want to keep their noses clean they must introduce legislation on the above matters. They were elected to do just such things !!!