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Thursday, 12 January 2012


COLUCHE was a sensation in 1981 when he announced his candidature for the Presidential election which was finally won by Mitterand !!! Coluche was a popular comic at the time, well loved because of his outrageous sarcasm towards politicians in particular.

The impact his candidature made was spectacular.  How can you fight a comic with no proven program but who with his popularity could pick up all the floating votes !!!  The real politicians were worried to death !!!  He withdrew his candidature before the first round of voting.

He died in a Motorcycle accident in 1986, aged 41, but not before launching the "Restaurants from our Hearts" for the Needy and for this he is still fondly remembered even today.  They open every winter. 

 ERIC CANTONA, now aged 45, was a well known and very competitive footballer who played for Manchester United.  He is also  remembered for a KUNG FU attack on a spectator in the crowd who was niggling him. This and his football made his reputation !!!

He has announced his intention to stand as a Presidential candidate and will send a letter to numerous Mayors in France to try and find the required 500 sponsors. At present he has no political experience.

His main objective is to highlight the lack of housing for low income and destitute families.  This is something that other candidates, from the left or the right, have not covered so far !!!  Cantona, just like Coluche, could steal floating votes and depending on his impact cause a flurry among the three or four leading contenders for the Presidency. 

He may withdraw from the Presidential race early, before the first round of voting just like Coluche, but he will benefit from free media coverage and prime time interviews on television just like other candidates, to present his views !!!