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Tuesday, 24 January 2012


FIFA and Blatter only want Goal-Line technology, but real football Pundits, i.e. the real football spectators and experts, who pay to watch the games in stadiums, want more.  They want on the spot "televisual" proof when there are doubts, when the Referee perhaps was not in the best position to see what happened.

Before FIFA and Blatter could react, the FA in England announced that they want to review a flashpoint last Saturday, 21 January 2012,  in the match between Stoke City and West Bromwich Albion.  The referee missed the incident, which was not a "goaline technology incident" but where eye-gouging  is alleged.  I have seen no criticism of the referee or other official relating to this incident !!!

Alas, FIFA are not the leaders of all that is best in Football !!!