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Tuesday, 31 January 2012


For more than an hour, at prime time on 9 TV channels, on Sunday 29th of January, 2012 President Sarkozy presented his analysis of what would be good for France in the present context of the World.  As in previous such "interviews" he refused  to reveal when he would declare his candidature for the next Presidentiel Election but admitted that he knew what electors expected, and that he would not avoid his duty when the time came !!! 

In particular, he announced that the Government will reduce Employers' payroll charges.  The aim is to reduce the cost of production and make French products more competitive. To compensate for the lost revenues, he intends to increase the turnover (sales) tax.  This would directly hit Asian imports as much as the sales of French products in France, but it would favour French production and exports in the long run !!!  These measures will be introduced on the 1st of  October 2012.

The immediate reaction of Socialists was expected:  the increase of turnover tax will increase the cost of living in France !!!