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Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Of the numerous candidates who have indicated their intention to stand for election to become the President of France, probably only 10, perhaps 15,  will qualify.  Only 4 or 5 will have a realistic chance to be one of the two leading candidates after the first round on APRIL 22, and thus to be present in the run-off two weeks later, on May 6, 2012.

Some of the Candidates eliminated after the first round will then haggle with the two remaining candidates.  Their objective will be to obtain from either of the two candidates promises to help them to attain the objectives of their party and their voters. 

Something may, in this context be a cabinet job or just favourable legislation for their party.  

The 4 candidates expected to finish at the top are;

           President SARKOZY (his candidature is awaited).
           François HOLLANDE, the official Socialist candidate.
           Marine LE PEN, the official National Front candidate.
           François BAYROU, Democratic Party.
Other leading candidates expected to be present in the first round of the presidential election are:

          Jean-Luc Melenchon, Left wing
          Dominique de Villepin, Republican.
          Eva Joly, Ecology + The Greens. 
                Nathalie Arthaud,  Workers Struggle Party
          Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, Against the EU
          Christine Boutin, Christian Democratic Party.
          Frédéric Nihous, Hunting, Fishing and Nature.
          Corrine Lepage, CAP 21. 
          Philippe Poutou, New Anti-Capitalist Party.

This article will be updated in due course. It should be noted that all candidates must file the necessary 500 signatures before the March, 16 2012.