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Friday, 27 January 2012


During three hours last evening on French television, François Hollande, the Official Socialist Candidate in the Presidential Elections was questioned on his programmed intentions if elected as the new President of France early May 2012.

He had, earlier this week, already published his Socialist Manifesto but last evening Journalists of all shades had the chance to question him closer on his intentions.

As a general comment on my part, the Socialist Manifesto does not address enough of the critical issues in France and Europe or in  enough detail.  If François Hollande is elected and replaces Nicolas Sarkozy as President, I cannot imagine from what he said in his Manifesto or last night on Television, how he will really achieve his aims in the EU or in the EUROZONE.  His objectives with respect to migration in the EU or immigration were not clear !!!

His intentions in France are clearer; he wants to tax higher income tax payers more in order to balance the books of the nation.   He will reorganise Banks and tax heavily banks which favour get-rich-quick policies, as opposed to those which favour traditional policies and make investments and loans to private customers and businesses.

No mention was made of the problem concerning the 35 hour week which, compared with other EU countries, penalises French exports and does nothing to fight cheap imports from China and Asia.       

Last night, to mention the name of Sarkozy, the outgoing President, was anathema, even though in opinion polls generally, Hollande at present has a comfortable lead.

The last person to debate with François Hollande was the French Minister for Foreign Affairs, Alain Juppé.  He posed several tough questions to François Hollande, a lot harder and less friendly than those asked by the journalists earlier.  I was left with the impression that if ever Sarkozy decides not to seek a second term, Juppé would be a perfect replacement.  He had the measure of Hollande last night.