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Wednesday, 18 January 2012


The normally punchy French President, Sarkozy, appeared quite limp on television at lunchtime today, to report on the meeting between Union of Employers and the Workers Unions.  

One cannot say that today President Sarkozy was "punchy" !!!  He looked tired without much motivation and weighed down with problems. 

Normally he is a convincing fighter who masters the detail of all he talks about.  Today he left the impression that he was relieved when his reporting duties were finished !!!

He said months ago that he would announce in March whether or not, he would be a candidate for the Presidency, for a second and last term of 5 years.  Perhaps today we have had a clue that he has doubts about whether he should stand or not !!! 

Presidential candidates will be looking for further clues !!!   Suddenly campaigning will become serious !!!