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Wednesday, 29 January 2014


There are "Golden Rules" for countries in the EUROZONE, but what are these "golden rules" for State Pensions promises which must be honoured and are payable in the near future, within the next year or next five years ? 

Do all the Official National Accounts cover this long term liability ?  Or is the "glib" answer that current contributions by active workers will cover this liability in spite of the rising longevity of humans ? 

All and any plans for the future must take into account this rising cost ?  Pension liabilities in EUROZONE and  also in EU countries, vary widely ! 

When Immigrants or Migrants settle in an EU country, what are the principles and their rights ?  Which rules does the Court of Human Rights apply ?  Does it apply only EU rules ?

When MEPs vote, or when the EU Commission Auditors verify the accounts officially published by an EU country, or by countries wanting to join the EU, what rules on the Uniformity of Accounting Principles in the EU do they use ?



Monday, 27 January 2014


It has been clear for some time !  The fact is that Putin does not want to lose control of another ex - Russian satellite and has threatened to cut off "natural gas supplies" needed to "heat" Ukrainians in winter !

Putin waved the "big stick" and his longtime ally and friend, President Viktor Yanukovych, succombed to Putin's threats at the last moment by preferring a future for Ukraine with Russia rather than the offer of a future in the EU !

This immediately resulted in the current revolts and protests which have now spread over the whole of Ukrainia ! 

Yanukovych is now wavering !  He has made offers to his political foes and "suggested" that the Prime Minister could come from the ranks of those now protesting so resolutely !  Vitali Klitschko also could become a Minister !

Why such an offer now ?  Is it because Spring is coming and the real hardship of winter is nearly over ?  Or is it because the Winter Olympics in Russia are about to begin and Putin cannot immediately risk sending troops into Ukrania to "restore order" ?

Western Leaders must be ready to help !  UNO also !
It seems clear that what Ukranians want now and are  demanding vociferously, are Democratic Parliamentary  and Presidential Elections !  A Referendum now to decide their "National Future", with Russia or in the EU, could avert more bloodshed !  


Sunday, 26 January 2014


In a Press Release late last night, President Hollande, in a 17 word French Statement, announced that he has put an end to his liaison with Valerie Trierweiler !

After all his previous affirmations that he would never comment on his private life, in spite of the fact that he is the President of France, this Press Release has  provoked many questions about his ideas and the example that a President should be !

His Press Release appears to be a unilateral decision !  No details of any settlement after a liaison of seven years are known !  Has Hollande paid anything for her future upkeep or have Elysée reserves been used ? 

What will happen with her staff at the Elysée ? 

There is of course no mention of the new "Girlfriend",  which "CLOSER" Magazine identified as the actress  Julie GAYET !  It seems she has been around him for almost two years !

Now that the President has clarified his personal life, French people hope that François Hollande will concentrate more on his official responsibilities !  


 "Je fais savoir que j'ai mis fin à la vie commune que je partageais avec Valérie Trierweiler", c'est en ces termes que François Hollande a clarifié sa situation.

Une rupture unilatérale qui s'apparente à une répudiation venue d'un autre âge ou d'autres civilisations et qui porte atteinte à la dignité de toutes les femmes...

Le procédé apparaît d'autant plus désinvolte et archaique que le projet de loi sur l'égalité entre les femmes et les hommes est actuellement en cours de discussion au Parlement...

Rappelons que le mariage permet aussi de protéger le conjoint le plus faible dans un couple. Mais François Hollande qui a pourtant étendu à tous cette vieille institution s'y est toujours soustrait !


Saturday, 25 January 2014


Ainsi la séparation attendue de François Hollande et de Valérie Trierweiler vient d'être actée.

Le Président François Hollande aura donc pris quinze jours pour "exécuter" sa compagne.  C'est ce qu'il convient d'appeler la méthode de "la guillotine douce", bien connue de certains responsables politiques ...


Friday, 24 January 2014


Les mutuelles de santé nous adressent en ce début d'année le montant et l'échéancier des cotisations dont nous serons redevables en 2014.

Chacun de nous peut ainsi constater que nous est imposée une taxe égale à  6,27%  de notre cotisation,(soit 155,46 euros pour une cotisation annuelle hors taxe de 2479,46 euros) pour financer la CMU (Couverture Médicale Universelle) (1).

Rappelons que la CMU permet à toute personne française ou étrangère, résidant en France depuis plus de 3 mois de manière stable et régulière, avec ou sans domicile fixe, et dont le revenu annuel est inférieur à 9534 euros, de se faire soigner gratuitement. Celles ayant des revenus supérieurs à 9534 euros par an versent une cotisation de 8% sur la part des revenus supérieurs à ce plafond.

Certes, la taxe Solidarité CMU (antérieurement appelée contribution), n'est pas nouvelle puisque créée le 1er janvier 2000 sous le gouvernement Jospin à l'initiative de Martine Aubry.

Toutefois les prélèvements que nous subissons depuis plusieurs mois nous incitent à être plus attentifs aux taxes et contributions que nous versons et à regarder de plus près pour qui nous les payons ...

(1) A ne pas confondre avec l'AME  qui permet aux étrangers en situation irrégulière résidant en France depuis au moins trois mois de bénéficier gratuitement d'un accès aux soins.


Thursday, 23 January 2014


The World is still waiting to see what UNO will actively do to intervene, without even pretending to "solve" the political crisis in Syria !

To be quite clear, the crisis in Syria has been simmering and seen millions of refugees leaving the country with the sole hope of being able to survive in ajacant countries !  Some have already  seen countless, perhaps millions, die, simply because they defied the Syrian Government on the orders of BACHAR AL ASSAD !!!

What will UNO now "preach" to defend its utter inactivity during the last 5 Months since the Syrian Crisis really hit the Headlines ?

This Blog has already asked the very vital question ; Will UNO ever dare to reorganize its own structures so as to be able to become a positive actor ?   

The current rules for the Security Council, strangle UNO. It will never ever be able achieve "ANYTHING" if just one country in the Security Council uses its Veto !

Sending Food Parcels to Syria obviously helps, but sending an International UNO Peace Keeping Army into Syria to stop atrocities and revive democracy would be a big step in the right direction !  



Wednesday, 22 January 2014


The CO-OP scandal, this Financial Disaster, which hit the "HEADLINES" mid November 2013, is now being investigated !  Perhaps now  one can expect some explanations !  

This Blog raised questions concerning the non-control by the Companies Acts of the payment of "Bonuses" to Directors when they "suddenly" leave companies, irrespective of the reasons, but still collect their bonuses.  In fact, often the impression is that when someone quits early, bad news is coming !

If new "Highly Paid" managers join companies with a contract that provides for "Bonuses" to reward the attainment of certain targets, should such contracts not be submitted for approval to Shareholders ?

Likewise, should the payment of such bonuses not be delayed until after the "second" annual Shareholders Meeting by which time the audit of the facts justifying the Bonus, will be much clearer ?



Monday, 20 January 2014

CRICKET: COOK WORRIES, but... who else ?

Fully fledged Test matches over five days with two innings for each side, are quite different from the tactics which are needed in matches limited to 50 overs OR to 20 over games !

Cook has floundered and England face a second white-wash against the "old enemy".  Cook now worries, ponders, about his future !  This is quite normal !  But the next questions also are quite "normal" !

What are the limits of the responsibilities of the captain and what are the responsilities of the Team Manager or Selectors if or when something "goes wrong" ?  Does only the Captain have to take the responsibility ?  Are Selectors "shielded" from all bad publicity or responsibility ?

These same questions apply not only to Five Day Test Cricket but also the limited overs games !!!  Must, can England only afford to have just one "Captain" in any series ?  Do selectors really only meet just once to decide everything for a tour ?  Is there not a "Hands On" mentality ? 

Cook has been destroyed in Australia !  No one has helped him !  Is that normal ?


Saturday, 18 January 2014


There are many commentaries, opinions etc. coming after this latest disaster !  No one explains what went wrong !  In no way should Australia have been left off the hook after needing 57 runs from their last pair !  And then to win with 3 balls left !
Can anyone explain to cricket enthusiasts who has the last word on "Team Selection ?".   Is it the captain, Cook, or someone on the Management Committee ?

Whoever it is, the head of this unknown person is on the  block !   Can you imagine the life of Britons, or Diplomats, who visit Commonwealth  Countries ?  They are gibed at every turn !




La presse étrangère s'est étonné de la frilosité des journalistes français le 14 janvier dernier lors de la conférence de presse du Président de la République, s'agissant des questions sur le devenir de la "Première Dame"...

En revanche les escapades amoureuses du Président de la France ont débridé l'imagination de nos chansonniers et de nos publicistes !

J'ai ainsi relevé cette publicité de SIXT, entreprise de location de voitures, en page 17 du journal "Le Monde": "M. le Président, la prochaine fois, évitez le scooter. SIXT loue des voitures avec vitres teintées, à partir de 22 euros par jour".

Notre Président blagueur a certainement apprécié !



The French Press and Comedians are enjoying a field day joking about Hollande's secret affair with new actress girlfriend Julie Gayet.  There is a "Punch and Judy" type of atmosphere after the revelations in the "Closer" magazine this last week.

The latest humorous contribution came in the form of a whole page advert in "Le Monde" newspaper addressed directly to "Mr President".  It said:  "Next time, avoid the SCOOTER.  SIXT rents out Cars with opaque Windows for 22 euros per day".

Needless to say this would be safer than riding pillion in disguise on the back of a three wheel motor bike as revealed by photos in "Closer" !  Even the number plate could probably be changed after each new usage !

One must salute this astute piece of publicity by SIXT !



Thursday, 16 January 2014


Avant de prendre rendez vous avec un professionnel de santé (médecin, chirurgien, kinésithérapeute etc...), les patients ont tout intérêt à se renseigner sur les tarifs appliqués et les honoraires qu'ils auront à régler.

Le site officiel de l'assurance maladie, permet, en principe, de connaitre les tarifs pratiqués par chaque professionnel de santé.  Toutefois en ce qui concerne les tarifs des kinésithérapeutes parisiens, la plus grande opacité règne...  Illustration:

Mme A. se voit prescrire 15 séances de "rééducation du rachis cervical et des membres supérieurs".

Selon le site Ameli-direct, le praticien auquel elle s'adresse est conventionné.  Le site prend soin de préciser qu'un professionnel de santé conventionné applique les tarifs conventionnels fixés par la convention avec l'assurance maladie qui rembourse l'assuré sur la base de ces tarifs.

Et le site Ameli-direct d'ajouter:  "des dépassements d'honoraires ne peuvent vous être facturés qu'à titre exceptionnel en cas d'une exigence particulière de votre part; ils ne sont pas remboursés par l'assurance maladie". 

 Les "exigences particulières" s'apprécient en termes de lieu et d'horaire.  Le montant du dépassement doit être établi avec "tact et mesure".

Forte de ses informations, Mme A. prend rendez-vous et apprend au cours de la première séance qu'il y a un dépassement d'honoraires, sans exigence particulière de sa part, et que la séance de 30 minutes lui sera facturée non pas 20,43 euros, tarif conventionnel, mais 35 euros.  Apres remboursement par l'assurance maladie et sa mutuelle, il lui restera 15 euros à sa charge soit pour 15 séances 225 euros!

Certes se soigner a un coût et il n'est pas question de s'y soustraire. Mais ce qui est regrettable, c'est que le site Ameli-direct apporte sur ce point précis (tarif des kiné) une information erronée, non conforme avec la situation rencontrée à Paris.


Wednesday, 15 January 2014


President Hollande spoke confidently and replied with conviction to questions in a knowledgeable manner.   He deftly avoided any straight answers to questions concerning his private life, his right to "privacy" !

It is not so much what he "preached" or disclosed which risks to evoke criticism in the near future.  His new political aims will be disected and analysed, together with his claim that he has become a "Social Democrat" !

Hollande presented his "Pact of Responsibility" to galvanise the business world in France to do more, together with about 30 new promises as a carrot !

The total picture of the result he expects to attain was sometimes a little vague.  Follow-up commissions will meet regularly to audit the progress and the costs !  One cannot envy the problems that may be encountered !

There is a  background of Social Unrest in France at present which was not broached by Hollande yesterday.  There have been several wildcat strikes and protests due to a general dissatisfaction connected with unemployment and rising taxes.  Hollande survives for the time being but his "Pact" must succeed if the simmering unrest is to be quelled ! 



Tuesday, 14 January 2014


This meeting with the Press, the Journalists in France, has already been delayed several times !
It will at last take place to-day, and President Hollande is scheduled to make an opening speech at 16.30 French time.  T V programs start earlier to create the atmosphere for the event !
The whole of France and, lets be honest, also the International Press, are now awaiting this event but for different reasons !
President Hollande will have no intention to put his head on the block !  That is sure !  What will he deign to say ?  That is what everyone is waiting for !


François Rebsamen, Président du groupe PS au Sénat, a souhaité sur RTL, la disparition de la notion de "Première Dame" de France.  Une pratique surannée a-t-il déclaré.

Il n'a pas tort !  A l'époque du mariage pour tous, nous pourrions avoir un Président de la République marié à une personne du même sexe.  Faudrait il appeler son compagnon le "Premier Monsieur" sans craindre le ridicule !

A noter que juridiquement il n'y a pas de statut pour l'épouse du Président de la République.  Seul un droit à pension lui est reconnu en cas de veuvage. Encore faut il qu'elle ait été mariée avec le Président.


Monday, 13 January 2014


At present almost every Newspaper or Web Report carries the latest known salacious details of President François Hollande's new girlfriend, the actress Julie Gayet who has ousted Valerie Trierweiler, the current "First Lady" of the President !

Hollande is not the first French President to have erred, but he is perhaps the first who was "caught red hot" !  Is this really exceptional ?

There have been many former Political Leaders who have been "caught", like Clinton and Berlusconi, not to mention many others !

They made the Headlines because of their position in life.  They are, or were supposed to be, an example of probity to everyone in their country !  

But what about YOU, the reader ?  Without the weight of a public responsibility, when you were young, or perhaps not so young, were you never tempted ?  Did you never tempt or seduce anyone, ever ? 

Being "caught" is not necessarily a crime, but it does depend on the circumstances !



Sunday, 12 January 2014


Selon une enquête IFOP-JDD publiée dans le Journal du Dimanche du 12 janvier, 77% des personnes interrogées sont favorables au respect de la vie privée du Président de la République.

Une opinion qui ne va pas dans le sens du récent jugement de la cour d'appel de Paris déjà signalé dans ce blog ; celle-ci a estimé que "l'évocation de l'homosexualité d'un responsable du Front National était, compte tenu de son statut de personnalité politique de premier plan, de nature à apporter une contribution au débat d'intérêt général et primait sur le droit au respect de la vie privée"...  Voir ce blog, en date du 11 janvier, "Vie privée, deux poids deux mesures"

Si la vie privée de chacun, y compris celle des responsables politiques, doit être respectée, ce principe doit pouvoir bénéficier à tous !



Something has gone seriously "wrong" when England can beat Australia hands down at home yet are whitewashed in the return in Australia !

Has Alastair Cook the Captain really performed ?  Cook may be a real leader of a team but has he performed with the bat in needed circumstances ?  Would he not be better off further down the batting order ?

Real leaders of men, or teams, never want to give up !  But sometimes Team Managers must step in and overrule Captains !

What are all these professionals paid for ?


Saturday, 11 January 2014


"Moi Président de la République, je ferai en sorte que mon comportement soit en chaque instant exemplaire".
Vous vous souvenez ?  C'était le 2 mai 2012 lors du débat de l'entre deux tours face à Nicolas Sarkozy...
Aujourd'hui chacun connaît la suite!


The next step in the "Hollande Saga" is the "Press Conference" this Tuesday, January 14, 2014.  Following all the recent revelations of his new liaison with the actress Julie Gayet the question becomes:  will he accept to answer questions on his private life ?  Almost certainly not !

He needs time to sort out his personal affairs.  For example, his current companion for the last seven years, Valerie Trierweiler, at present his so called "First Lady of France", (but not his last girlfriend) has her own office in the Elysee Palace. This obviously must now change but will take time !

The next trip on his Schedule is his visit to Rome to meet the Pope on January 24, but we know already that he will go alone because he is not married to Valerie, his still current companion.

After that on February 11 he will go on a State Visit to the White House in Washington to fulfill the invitation he and Valerie received from President Obama dated November 22, 2013.  Whether he will go alone remains to be seen ?

For the time being, everyone in France is avidly awaiting all the latest news bulletins ! 



A la suite des révélations de "Closer" sur la liaison supposée du Président de la République avec l'actrice Julie Gayet, François Hollande sans démentir l'information, s'est plaint d'atteinte à sa vie privée.

Si le Président envisageait des poursuites, pourrait il obtenir gain de cause ?  On peut en douter à la lumière de ce récent jugement de la cour d'appel de Paris... A moins qu'il n'y ait deux poids et deux mesures !

Le 19 décembre dernier, la cour d'appel de Paris a en effet décidé que le livre "Front National des villes et Front National des champs" de Octave Nitkowski qui révélait l'homosexualité de Steeve Briois, candidat FN à la mairie de Henin Beaumont et secrétaire général du Front National, pouvait être mis en vente.

La cour d'appel de Paris a estimé qu'en "raison de son statut de personnalité politique de premier plan, l'évocation de l'homosexualité de Steeve Briois est de nature à apporter une contribution au débat d'intérêt général et prime sur le droit au respect de sa vie privée".  En revanche son compagnon, un autre responsable au sein du Front National "dont la notoriété ne dépasse pas le cadre régional a droit au respect de sa vie privée" et son nom n'a pas à être cité.

Friday, 10 January 2014


In accordance with the "CLOSER" magazine, François Hollande, the President of France, has a new "Girlfriend", an actress named Julie Gayet !
In spite of his past (four children with his student "sweetheart") and his current Official Girlfriend, he is still a bachelor who wants to lead a private life !
The whole of FRANCE awaits the next moves in this "story" !  Will President HOLLANDE sue for incursions into his private life ?  After all, it is not the first time that a French President has been "caught", but the facts were not revealed by the medias, even though well known in journalistic circles.

On January 14, François Hollande will hold a Press Conference.  One wonders if he will face any questions or allusions about this latest "event" ?




Il se voulait un Président "normal"!  Aujourd'hui grâce au magazine "Closer" qui met en images la rumeur qui courait depuis plusieurs semaines, on apprend que François Hollande est aussi un homme normal !

Où est le mal puisque notre Président séducteur est toujours célibataire et sans doute encore à la recherche de l'âme sœur...

L'information diffusée par "Closer" pourrait même être de nature à relever sa cote de popularité !



Wednesday, 8 January 2014


This Blog has criticized "Soft Justice" on several occasions !  Something serious and fundamental changes must be proposed to enable Judges and the whole System to perform as expected, to protect the humble electors of Britain !

Why are Politicians hell bent on doing nothing when little criminals, or sexual offenders, or habitual criminals with a long history of re-offending, are "let off" with no more than a rapp on their knuckles?

The theory of Soft Justice is to give offenders a second chance !  It is not meant to be a "sentence" to be repeated continuously !  It is meant to be a "Wake-up" call !  Therefore, should the next sentence not be the double of the previous sentence ?

The hesitation of Politicians comes from the fact that there is not enough room to house criminals in prisons.  The lack of Prison Space leads to injustice !  Is the remedy not logical ?  More modern, state of the arts prisons, must be built !  Victorian era Prisons must be phased-out !  Destroyed !

Similar problems exist in France !  The application of the Law by Judges should serve as a deterrent for criminals, but does it, after the way soft justice is now dispensed ?   


Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Il est parfaitement légitime de s'indigner contre les propos antisémites que " l'humoriste " Dieudonné tient lors de ses spectacles et de les condamner avec la plus grande fermeté.

Mais en se répandant dans tous les médias, Manuel Valls ne lui fait-il pas une jolie publicité ?

Si Monsieur Dieudonné passe au travers de toute sanction, alors Manuel Valls doit d'urgence faire modifier notre dispositif juridique afin que les infractions commises par Dieudonné puissent être efficacement sanctionnées !

Christiane Taubira, Ministre de la Justice, a-t-elle fait connaitre sa position sur ce point ?



Regularly for many years the Press has reported its suspicions that Japan has been "overfishing" for whales in international waters. 

The instant reflex reply by Japan has always been that the catches are necessary for research reasons !  Aerial photos of dead and slaughtered Whales on the deck of a fishing vessel have again been published in the Press this week, and this time showing blood everywhere !   Really, has the research already started ?

In international courts Japan pleads that nothing which is illegal has been done.  These pleas can only be of a technical nature !

The real question is, has Japan ever issued reports on the results of its research during the last 20 or 30 years ?  Has any independent international agency ever recently seen any real evidence of the "Contribution to Science" resulting from Japanese Research ?

Should a country like Australia, in whose waters Japan sometimes fishes for research reasons, not ask UNO to  look into this matter with a view to sending a "Fact Finding" team to Japan ?

Should the Benefits of Japanese Research not be made public ?




Sunday, 5 January 2014


EUSEBIO was one of the first "greats" of modern football.  He was born in 1942 in Mozambique, played for Benfica and was a Portuguese International !

He was a "black" like PELE, and like him a forward, at a time when footballers were not paid the astronomic "fees or salaries" enjoyed by present day "top class players" but who cannot really be compared with either EUSEBIO or PELE !  His exploits are legendary !

His career stretched from 1960 to 1980, a period when transfers were not permitted in Portugal !  In the 1966 World Cup in England Portugal finished in 3rd place and EUSEBIO was the leading scorer of the Competition.

Many present-day football followers, alas, cannot imagine or appreciate the impact of EUSEBIO's  contributions !


Saturday, 4 January 2014


The necessity to introduce instant "Sin Bin Time Sanctions" by referees has been mooted for a number of years !  At last Sepp Blatter seems to leaning in this direction, even after only 40 years as an elected member of the "FIFA Elite" !

The conditions in which a Referee could impose a "Time Sanction" remain undefined !  Will rules cover only "Professional First Class" matches ?  Rules for amateur or schoolboy level games will need to be defined !

Likewise the time limits of "Sin Bin" sanctions need clear definitions.  Also what "Sins" could be sanctioned must be comprehensively covered in any new FIFA laws !

Current discussions in the Press and elsewhere on "SIN BIN" options concentrate essentially on  "Feigned Injuries " or "diving" to obtain a penalty.  

There are other incidents which have led to abuse and which need to be discussed !  For example "Tackling from Behind" is not permitted but  physical "Body Checking" to protect a ball on the goaline never leads to any sort of penalty !  One can see such incidents in every match on Television !

To put it another way, referees never punish "Not playing the Ball" which means such antics are permitted !  

Sepp Blatter now has more on his plate than the time available to him and which is necessary to modernise FIFA rules !




Thursday, 2 January 2014


Any real thinking lawyer knows full well that a would be murderer, with the intention to "kill", will not be deterred by the thought of any prison sentence of any length, not even 100 years !

What could avert some premeditated murders is to make a would be criminal realise that he could be caught and quickly sentenced to be hung ! 

Justice needs deterrents to protect would be "Victims" of Crime !  This is what "Human Rights Legislation in the EU" does not recognise !  This is what is basically wrong ! 

Britain, but other countries too, want changes to current laws which permit the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) to override decisions of the British Judiciary !  

This is just one of the aims of David Cameron, and he knows that there are several other imperfections in "EUROPEAN" Treaty legislation which need to be addressed.

Now, desperately fiddling with small changes to current British laws to avoid the effect of the ECHR, or to prevent "mass immigration", even by Migrants, are temporary solutions which should have been undertaken more than a year ago !

The EU at present is inert !  No one wants to change anything ahead of the upcoming EU Parliamentary Elections in May 2014 !


Wednesday, 1 January 2014


"Impôts trop lourds, chômage resté à un niveau trop élevé, année intense et difficile, crise plus longue et plus profonde que prévue", tel a été le triste constat de François Hollande lors de la présentation de ses vœux aux français pour 2014.
Constat d'échec ou "mea culpa "?
Et François Hollande d'enchainer avec cette proposition aux entreprises: la conclusion d'un pacte de responsabilité qui se traduira par "moins de charges sur le travail, moins de contraintes sur leurs activités et en contrepartie plus d'embauches et plus de dialogue social". 
Un pacte de responsabilité dont le gouvernement de François Hollande devra rapidement préciser les contours afin de le concrétiser d'urgence!