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Sunday, 31 May 2015


Countries in the EU have discovered that some important worldwide companies or groups, which report huge profits for their national shareholders, in fact pay little or no Tax on Profits when their products are exported, to the EU for example.

However, first of all, one must understand that there is an unwritten basic rule which states that "it is not illegal to avoid paying tax if the measures taken are not illegal" !

This therefore means that, if a country considers that there has been an evasion of paying taxes which are  "morally" due, then new tax laws and legislation must be passed to plug all the loopholes which permit such evasions !

Certain well known international Groups and Companies have been using "tax haven countries" to hide profits on sales to companies they "dominate" in the EU.   These same profits would have been reported by the EU companies and taxed, if the cost and terms of purchases had been much lower !

The techniques used can vary but generally profit margins on the resale of such goods (or even services) by dominated buying companies are very low, and/or, the buying company overheads are abnormally high !  

When the buying companies resell imported goods, even when they are a subsidiary or a controled company of a Group, they should make a normal "gross operating profit" which in turn should result in a "normal taxable profit" !

If this is not the case, the aim of any new tax legislation must be to permit Tax Inspectors by law to propose a restatement of results of the local dominated company, based on a "notional profits tax basis" !

When companies avoid paying tax by using "tax havens" is it not the Citizen taxpayers who suffer !  All Governments need tax income from somewhere !


Friday, 29 May 2015


Against all hopes and wishes of real Football Supporters worldwide, the "Brotherhood" of Sepp Blatter ensured his re-election for a fifth term of 4 years as President of FIFA ! 

Bearing in  mind all the animosity surrounding Sepp Blatter after his last 16 years in office as President (and after 20 years in other positions in FIFA), violent reactions can be expected which will leave FIFA lame and limping !

All the same promises which Blatter has again trotted out to reform FIFA, will not save his skin this time !  The "Brotherhood" of Sepp Blatter must and will be "ousted" in the FIFA Headquerters in Zurich as well as in the Worldwide FIFA Geographical regions.

There are serious criminal investigations ongoing and these will take time, but also help the reforms FIFA needs.

Some regional Football Organisations (like UEFA for example) may decide ultimately to withdraw from FIFA if reforms are not undertaken quickly !  Others also may simply decide not to participate in the coming World Cups in Russia and Qatar !   Other competitions could easily be organised in their place !

Finally the day will come when Blatter will have to face a "Vote of Confidence" !  That could even be next year and could be his "Swan Song" !


Thursday, 28 May 2015


The whole FIFA Organisation is in agony, after a multitude of accusations of fraud by FIFA executives at all levels during the last 20 years.   Sepp Blatter however, is conducting business as usual as if nothing exceptional has occurred.

Everyone around him seems to have been accused of fraud but repeatedly the message is that Blatter has not been involved, that he has not committed any fraud.  He is clean, and as such, he seems to see no reason why the General Assembly sheduled for to-morrow, Friday 29 May 2015, should not take place !

Blatter once again, in exceptional circumstances but "urgently", wants to be re-elected for a fifth term of 4 years, as President of FIFA !

Should one not be wondering whether this man is competent to be President of FIFA ?  Has he not been at the top of the FIFA organisation, in one capacity or an other, for the last 40 years ?   Has he never suspected that any of his "friends" were guilty of "manipulating" events or decisions ?   That they were guilty of accepting monetary "bribes" to influence decisions by FIFA ?

Either he has turned a blind eye to what was going on or he was simply gullible !   In legal circles this is frequently considered as being an accessory to a crime !  Normally gullible executives are considered to be "a risk" and are not elected to positions of responsibility !

If the FIFA General Assembly goes ahead to-morrow, UEFA, and all the 209 participating members in fact, must participate very vocally and vote.  This must be a "show down" Assembly !

"The World of Football" will be watching the outcome !  It will expect more action afterwards if nothing changes in the FIFA assembly !

Who needs the other the most ?  Does Blatter need FIFA, or does FIFA need Blatter ?



Wednesday, 27 May 2015


The breaking news, that several FIFA executives have been arrested in their Zurich hotel early this morning, immediately raises the question whether Sepp Blatter, the outgoing President, will delay the Election scheduled for Friday, 29 May 2015 !

A climate of suspected fraud has been hanging around FIFA and its executives ever since FIFA refused to publish the Michael Garcia 350 page report last year.  A 42 page summary of this report by Eckert was slated by Garcia as being erroneous, and he immediately resigned from FIFA. 

Sepp Blatter cannot now be sure of his automatic re-election in the absence of key FIFA executives !  There may even be further arrests in the coming hours and days.   

Will Blatter now delay the FIFA Presidential Election for a few months ?   Would that not be the wisest decision ?   

Nothing in FIFA will ever be the same again from now on !


Monday, 25 May 2015


It is clear now that Sepp Blatter never had any intention of publishing before the FIFA Presidential Elections on May 29, 2015, the "Redacted" version of the 430 page Garcia report, which he promised to prepare on December 19, 2014 ! 

Blatter made this hollow promise when he feared  adverse reactions from football followers after  Garcia sensationally resigned, because the  42 page Eckert summary did not reflect correctly the conclusions of his report !

Since then Blatter has bluntly refused to participate in any televised Presidential Debates, and has not published any program of what he intends to achieve during his next four year term as President !  He relies on his reputation to get re-elected !

What is also astonishing is that no journalist in the media (Press, TV...) has undertaken an investigation to find out what is going on ! 

Blatter appears certain that he will be re-elected !  After the meeting in Cairo  (and before probably !)  he has firm promises that at least 54 African countries will vote for him !  These must be added to the 46 promises from Asian countries !  Why ?  What has he done for them ?  They all used to play football before he was even born !  Do they know what is going on ?

Alas FIFA gives the impression that something is being covered-up !  If Blatter is re-elected nothing will change during the next four years !  Will the redacted report ever be prepared ?  Will anyone  ever be prosecuted in Switzerland or elsewhere ? 

Since no one knows what is going on, it would be informative if everyone who casts votes in the FIFA Elections, would "explain voluntarily" why he is voting the way he is !  This cannot be an obligation but would FIFA allowed it ?

 Will the external Auditors sign a clean certificate on the FIFA accounts to be presented at the meeting on May 29, 2015 ?  Have they performed all the due diligence work with respect to outstanding legal problems ? 

One day the true reasons will become known why the Garcia Report was not published !  It is quite clear, criminals must be punished and those who aid and abet them also !   This will be necessary so that FIFA can recover from its tarnished reputation !


Sunday, 24 May 2015


To prepare for the "stay in or get out of the EU" Referendum promised to UK electors for 2017, David Cameron is embarking on a whistle-stop tour of EUROPE to muster support for his propositions and to listen to what other Leaders have to say. 

He will find support for his ideas and proposals to change or modify EU Treaties.  He will even get enouragement from Angela Merkel the German Chancellor, but she already knows that all 17 EUROZONE countries will back her, if she does not agree with what the 12 NON-EURO countries led by Cameron want to change !

This non-negotiable attitude of the Eurozone with respect to making changes to Treaties has led to a stale-mate situation in the EU.  Yet the Eurozone needs the flexibility of special rules and principles to protect the EURO and to control the Economy of the ZONE and of each country in the ZONE.

Non-EURO Countries also need flexibility but of a different kind, to control their individual currencies and economic problems.  

Should the EU therefore not be split into two  independent Sections or Zones, each with its own legislative rights ? 

All the 29 countries want and need the EU, that is clear.    But, there are some basic problems in the EU which will quickly come to the fore.  Perhaps the split would make the task of updating certain basic conceptions in the light of recent experience in the EU, much more easy ! 

The agreement of all 29 countries would be required and this would certainly enhance the reputation and standing of the EUROPEAN UNION as a World Power. 


Saturday, 23 May 2015


The last Question Time "grilling" on TV yesterday of David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg revealed they were all fearing the eventuality of a "Hung Parliament" when no one political party has a working majority.

The consequence then is that a Coalition must be sought to govern, as was the case in 2010 !   The only other alternative is to call another Election as soon as possible, which was the case in 1951 !

The big unknown factor is the vote in Scotland.  How many MPs will be elected for the Scottish National Party (SNP) and how many of the 41 Socialist MPs will not be re-elected next week ?

To pursue her double aim of "Scottish Independence" and the "defeat" of the Prime Minister David Cameron, Nicola Sturgeon desperately wants her SNP party to participate in a Coalition with the Socialists led by Ed Miliband.  He has refused all her overtures point-blank  because, as he said, he does not want to give Sturgeon the chance to destroy the United Kingdom ! 

Logically this really means that every vote in Scotland will count !  Every SNP elector will definitely vote for SNP !  This also clearly means that any non SNP elector who abstains by not voting, is in fact helping the cause of SNP !    




A compter du 1er juillet 2015, les concierges et gardiens d'immeubles n'auront plus la possibilité de s'auto-remplacer et devront prendre effectivement leurs congés (avenant du 17 juin 2013 à la convention collective des gardiens, concierges et employés d'immeuble étendu par arrêté du 22 février 2014, JO du 11 mars).

Pendant les vacances de leur concierge ou gardien, les copropriétaires pourront:

 -  faire appel à une entreprise prestataire de services pour assurer tout ou partie des tâches effectuées par le concierge pendant l'année;
 -  engager un remplaçant en contrat à durée déterminée. 

La rémunération du gardien remplaçant est calculée en fonction de la qualification exigée et du nombre d'heures ou d'unités de valeur. Ce salaire est majoré de l'indemnité légale de fin de contrat (10%), de l'indemnité compensatrice de congés payés, du prorata de gratification ("13e mois" ) ; s'y ajoute une indemnité conventionnelle de 10% pour tout remplacement d'une durée inférieure à deux mois. 
Auparavant la majoration de salaire était portée forfaitairement à 50% si la durée du remplacement était de moins de deux mois.

A noter : le remplaçant ne pourra occuper le logement de fonction du gardien en vacances que dans la mesure ou il aura été choisi par le gardien titulaire, choix validé par l'employeur.

Sinon, pas question d'imposer au gardien remplacé qu'il mette son logement de fonction à la disposition d'un remplaçant qu'il n'aurait pas lui même choisi !


Friday, 22 May 2015


Total confusion reigns in the Middle East following the continual slaughter of non-believers by militant Extremist Muslims and their destruction of towns and cities, all in the name of "Allah the Great" . 

Irakian armed Forces are trying to fight Islamic State (IS) forces with courage but Bashar al Assad and the Syrian army are nowhere to be seen !  It is in Irak and Syria where Extremist Muslims want to create and install a new Islamic State.

It seems clear that Bashar al Assad, the President since 2000 after his father died, has become a toothless tiger, now only capable of protecting himself and his closed circle of political allies in the minority Alawite party .  

President Bashar al Assad has blood on his hands following the repression of opposition parties which led to a civil war.  He once led the fight against IS but, at the same time, also slaughtered cold bloodedly Syrian civilians from the opposition .  For these repressions he is a wanted man in the West ! 

How can the West, without feet on the ground, effectively counter attack the IS destruction of the Middle East ?  The West, UNO and the EU, and the USA are all divided !  Russia  the old, long time Ally of Syria, prudently awaits the moment before pouncing into the fray ! 


Thursday, 21 May 2015


Every UK Citizen understands the meaning of "Freedom of Speech" and the spirit which pervades at Hyde Park Corner where Speakers can stand on their soap boxes and say what they want.

If Speakers "go too far" they perhaps risk being lynched but normally spectators just go away.  They lend a deaf ear.

There is only one other place where one can say bluntly and with impunity what one feels is necessary. That place is the House of Commons debating chamber !

Alas, the seditious agitators, the "Preachers" of the "extremist Muslim faith" headquartered in the "Regent Park Mosque" in London, are fomenting hatred and war against Britain and the World, rather than preaching and instilling the principles of love and comfort in their faithful flock. 

David Cameron must know that legislation is required to accelerate the arrest of agitators to prevent "war crimes" in Britain.  These "special powers of detention" must be large and long enough to permit prompt and proper investigations. Entire seditious units must be snuffed out before they are ready to act !  

Electors have already given David Cameron a mandate and expect action !  Britain must also be seen to lead by its example and determination. 

The World will be watching ! 


Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Une définition très actuelle et en image de  "l'ascenseur social"...


For more than two years the Islamic State (IS), with increasingly barbarious aggression, has conquered huge areas of Iraq and Syria.  It has cold bloodedly killed all non believers who were too slow to flee their homelands. 

Everyone has been able to read all the sorry and lurid details in the International and National  newspapers, of what has been happening in the Middle East and Africa for over two years.  The sad abduction of Young Women and Schoolgirls, who are then trained to become the sexual slaves and toys of satisfaction for Muslim Extremists and their foreign Converts and Mercenaries, are now already history.    

What have all the Politicians, Diplomats and other onlookers been doing in the meantime ?   Just looking away and pretending there is no problem in their own country ? That appears to be the    reality for any discerning reader.   

The EU however, has recently acted very rapidly.  Suddenly it has decided that it cannot accept any more of the increasing flow of refugees and displaced persons who have fled from the IS with nothing but the hope, to save their lives and make  a new future in the calm of the EU. 

To stem the flow of desperate but unwanted refugees and to protect itself, the EU has now decided to seek out the "Migrant Smugglers" directly in East Mediterranean ports !  It has also contacted the United Nations Organisation (UNO) with the hope that UNO will take over the relocation of Migrants fleeing from from IS. 

Will this stop the aggression of IS or will it just encourage even more forceful IS aggression ? 

What has UNO decided to do to end the abuse of Human Rights by IS ?  Have any of the Diplomats or and High Representatives even read the Human Rights Declaration ?  The use by countries of their  Security Council Vetoes only for self-centred reasons, has strangled anything anyone in UNO might like to do to curb the IS !

History is repeating itself !  Politicians hesitated for three years before finally Winston Churchill and Britain declared war on Adolph Hitler and his Nazi Germany in September 1939 after Poland was invaded !  With respect to the IS Extremists atrocities, two years have already elapsed !  

Where is the modern day Saviour with the guts to take the fight to the IS ?  Is he in the UNO or in the EU, or perhaps in NATO ?

Monday, 18 May 2015


It was reassuring to learn recently of two vital strikes by the USA in the Middle East !  They are an example to the World of how to fight ISIS in its own backyard !

Without going into the details, these strikes, even without many feet on the ground, will help to counter the systematic extermination (not to say genocide) by extremist Muslims of local populations. 

The efforts of the EU of saving the lives of fleeing refugees and other unwanted immigrants, from drowning in the Mediterranean is admirable, but only encourages ISIS to continue its march to conquer the Middle East.

Is it not time for the EU to adopt a more aggressive attitude concerning the ISIS War ?



Saturday, 16 May 2015


L'affaire des navires "Mistral" a inspiré notre caricaturiste MARIN ...

Friday, 15 May 2015


Just after the end of the second World War in 1945, the United Nations was created with the intention that there should never again be another war like that.   The Security  Council was formed and the leading countries which defeated Germany and Japan were given a right to veto decisions in the Security Council.  

That was 70 years ago !  The World has changed since then but not the Security Council which granted a Veto to certain countries to ensure Peace or to prevent War.  Alas this same Veto is now used more to further purely national objectives rather than to ensure international peace or to prevent wars or oppression.   

Another weakness is that large areas of the World are not represented with a veto right.  At present Russia and China regularly vote the same way, as do Britain, France and the USA.  This destroys the original objectives for which Vetos were created.  

That raises the question whether Veto rights should not be accorded to leading countries to represent their Regional Geographic area, but only for a renewable period of time.  Should Africa and South America at least,  not be  enfranchised and other Regions as well ?

Should the objectives of the use of a Veto by a Security Council Member not be to promote Peace and to prevent War and Oppression ?

There are several possible options which could form part of the ultimate solution but negotiations will be hard.   If however, the United Nations Organisation does not change now, to modernise itself, it will never attain the  original long term objectives for which it was created !   



During a lengthy 4 hour "Direct Question Time" meeting with the Press and Public in Moscow, President Putin was relaxed when the non-delivery of the Mistral Vessels and Helicopters was raised !  

Vladimir Putin simply said the order for the Mistral Vessels and Helicopters was made to save the French shipyards.   He also said that France would return  Russian prepayments and pay compensation for non-delivery of the Vessels and Helicopters !  

Putin quite rightly pacified his audiance by saying that this non-delivery did not impact the military might of Russia.  Did the "Whole World" not see this "Might" on May 9, when Russia celebrated the 70th anniversary of its defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945 ?  

However, the basic problem remains, which is that Putin violated the Independence of Ukraine by invading and annexing Crimea.  This resulted in Sanctions against Russia by the Western Powers.  Putin's continued interference in Ukraine by supplying armaments to Russian Rebels in Eastern Ukraine has led to further Sanctions, including the non-delivery of the Mistrals by France. 

Should France compensate Russia ?  The answer is "No" !  Everyone in France would be horrified if the cost of this non-delivery would not be borne equitably by all the Western Powers !

The Mistrals are far from being a complete Financial Loss.  There are perhaps some acceptable countries which would like to buy them !  

Alternatively does the EU not need serious Patrol Vessels in the Mediterranean to combat Immigration but also to survey the presence of Russian ships off Syria and in Cyprus ?



Thursday, 14 May 2015


Official "Immigration" statistics and pronouncements by Politicians never clearly identify what type of immigrant is being commented on.

Are they legal or illegal immigrants from outside the EU, or are they Migrants born inside the EU, or are they "Refugees" fleeing from Muslim oppression in the Middle East or in Africa, or from oppression  elsewhere ?

The age of Immigrants is also neglected !  Are they infants, or of working age or elderly and "retired" ?  Are they incapacitated or not ?  Or are they skilled workers with a contract of employment ? 

Some EU countries, like Germany and Britain willingly take Immigrants but perhaps only on a selective basis,    because they lack certain types of workers ! 

EU Treaties have a basic principle which is the "Freedom of Movement of People within the EU".   But what is actively being done to protect EU citizens from uninvited immigrants and visitors ?

Italy and Greece are now facing a massive invasion of refugees, many of which are fleeing Muslim Extremist oppression in the Middle East and Africa.  The EU intention now is to introduce a quota system so that these "immigrants" are spread over all the 29 countries of the EU !   This appears to be a desperate but bad "solution" . 

Is this not just officially accepting all illegal immigrants, which is what has been going on for years ?  Will this not just give more hope to immigrants and encourage more of them to try their luck ?

Real EU born Citizens and Taxpayers want something better !  They want protection from uninvited invaders !

Current EU principles do not protect them because they are badly defined.  Added to this there is no real determination by EU Politicians to want to change any of the basic Treaties adopted decades ago, when this World was happily at Peace after the second World War.


Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Despite the fact that Kevin Pietersen scored a fast triple century for Surrey yesterday, Andrew Strauss cannot trust Kevin Pietersen and Pietersen will not be selected to play for England !  

Strauss is the Director of Cricket, the Boss and as such he must already be very sure that without Pietersen the performances of the England cricket team will definitely improve.  

Is it not the Surrey County Cricket team which will  benefit most from this decision, because Pietersen will no longer be continuously absent while on duty for England ?  

If Pietersen now hits more centuries for Surrey this summer, perhaps even a double century or another triple century, he really could have the last laugh.   

His bat could speak louder than words !  Go for it, Kevin !


Monday, 11 May 2015


Preceding the General Election last week, every National Opinion Poll forecast that the result would lead to a "hung Parliament".   

This fomented endless speculation by Politicians, Electors and Journalists alike, of what could happen afterwards when the final and true results of each party become known after the Vote.  

The simple fact that all pollsters were agreed on the outcome of the future result gives the impression that they were copying each others "results" or collaborating in one way or another ! 

There are two basic rules which "National Opinion Polls"  organisers seem not to have respected .

1) The population of voters used in the sample was too small or not wide enough nationally.

2) Exceptional factors were not identified and excluded from general population samples, and then sampled separately .

The perfect example in this General Election was Scotland. There was a wild swing of 40 seats from Labour to SNP (Scottish National Party) and this was expected beforehand. (1)  The Liberal Democrats also lost seats to SNP.

The Opinion Polls published do not seem to have taken into account properly the effect of this exeptional loss, this handicap, of 40 Seats on Labour's hopes of winning the Election.  When the National Polls were published,  Labour and the Conservatives were always reportedly "neck to neck" in the race ! 

A lot of worry and speculation could have been avoided .  One could also wonder if the Sponsors who ordered the Polls were satisfied with the information they obtained .

(1) Read article dated 29 April 2015, "Scottish vote could  surprise many".                                


Sunday, 10 May 2015


The uncertainty of what "Coalition Options" might be available in the event of a hung Parliament, as predicted by all the Opinion Polls, was finally avoided by the Electors !

David Cameron and his Cabinet were rewarded for their efforts during the last 5 years and this was much to the relief of the country as a whole ! 

The unsavoury bargaining which which takes place when a Coalition must be formed, has been avoided !   Yet before the result, every Party in this Election was sure that they could  "perhaps" become part of a Coalition ! 

The next 5 years will not be plain sailing but they will give the Government the chance to consolidate the progress already made to restore the British Economy.

There is however one serious obstacle !  To negotiate changes to EU Treaties and their underlying principles will take time !   It is undeniable that the world has changed during the last 30 to 40 years and that changes are necessary.  What is also true is that there are other countries in the EU which would back Britain.  

The promise to hold a Referendum in 2017 on whether Britain should stay in the EU or leave, appears timewise, to be very optimistic ! 

Such negotiations will take much longer than expected because some Leaders, in particular Angela Merkel, stoically refuse to accept that any change whatsoever is necessary !


Friday, 8 May 2015


After rejecting the Referendum vote for Scottish Independence in September 2014, electors have now  voted massively for the Scottish National Party (SNP), which has obtained 56 of the 59 seats available in Scotland ! 

This represents a favourable swing of 50 seats since the last General Election in 2010 but merits an explanation !

Gordon Brown, born in Scotland, was the Labour Party Leader and Prime Minister, having taken over from Tony Blair when at last he decided to "go" in 2007 !   The British economy at that point was already in dire straits !  
At the General Election in 2010, Scotland massively voted for Brown and the Labour Party obtained 43 seats in Scotland, but in spite of this, Labour still lost the Election !

After that election Ed Miliband replaced Brown as leader of the Labour Party, but he has lacked the charisma required and failed to conquer the Labour Party faithfuls !  This is one reason Labour lost in 2015 !  

This year the person who has impressed the Scottish faithfuls is Nicola Sturgeon !  She is staunchly Nationalist and the Leader the SNP needed !  It is natural that she would attract and obtain the Votes Brown had in 2010. 

Some of these electors, however, voted against Independence in the Referendum last September !  This is something she must heed and never forget !

Labour lost their 43 seats in Scotland and this again partly explains their disaster yesterday ! 

However Nicola Sturgeon, (who is only a Member of the Scottish Parliament) with 56 SNP MPs in Westminster cannot really expect that ALL these extra votes will support another attempt at Independence for Scotland !

If there is another attempt by Scotland to leave the UK, is this not an issue when "all" UK electors should be entitled to a Vote ?   The same principle should even apply if the object is only "more Regional Independence and Responsibility" !



"Me, Prime Minister", avait débité Ed Miliband de sa voix monocorde.  Toutefois copier la longue anaphore de François Hollande, "Moi, Président de la  République"  n'aura pas porté chance à Ed Miliband qui vient de perdre les élections au Parlement britannique. 

Les britanniques ont ils craint qu'avec les travaillistes au pouvoir le Royaume Uni ne ressemble à la France socialiste de François Hollande ?

La victoire des Conservateurs est un message adressé à toute la Zone euro et à la France en particulier !





The unexpected victory by the Conservatives has confounded all the Polls !  This is due to the perspicasity of the voters who were not duped by the flagrant promises of certain Parties and politicians, which the UK cannot at present afford ! 

The fear was that David Cameron and his team would not be able to finish the job started 5 years ago after the "Modern Labour" Party was ousted from power and which revealed that the UK was in a complete mess and totally "insolvant" !  Voters have clearly confirmed David Cameron's mandate ! 

All the Countries in the EU are closely watching the UK !  Some are envious that the UK has progressively improved its Economic performances, but others regret that all the measures in the EU and EUROZONE have not been crowned with success !    The Mandate of Jean-Claude Juncker in Brussels promises to become a bumpy ride !



Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Jeudi 7 mai, les britanniques élisent les membres du Parlement.  L'occasion de rappeler, comme nous l'avions déjà fait au moment des élections européennes, le particularisme des modalités du vote.

En France, avant de mettre son bulletin de vote dans l'urne, il faut présenter une pièce d'identité avec photographie. La présentation de la carte électorale n'est toutefois pas obligatoire.

En Angleterre, pour voter aucune pièce d'identité n'est exigée (et pour cause, la carte d'identité n'existe pas) et la présentation de la carte d'électeur n'est pas non plus requise. Il suffit de donner son nom et son adresse au bureau de vote avant de glisser son bulletin dans l'urne. Dans ces conditions, il est donc possible d'envoyer un ami complaisant qui votera à votre place !

On est loin du formalisme qui accompagne en France le vote par procuration !  

On imagine sans peine les possibilités de fraude qui s'ensuivraient en France en l'absence de vérification d'identité préalable au vote...  




Speculation on the future of the EURO and the EUROZONE is rife at present but Angela Merkel and Jean-Claude Juncker remain firm and want to believe there is no crisis ! 

This may be true, but within days or a few weeks, the crisis in Greece will come to a head !  Will Greece have to opt to leave the EUROZONE or will its debts be written-off by Eurozone creditors ?  Greece at present is no longer solvent, it is totally bankrupt ! 

The EUROZONE trembles not only because of a possible "Grexit" but also because the parity of the EURO has fallen by about 20 % during the last few months !  Will the Trillion Euro investment programme of the EU Central Bank stimulate an EU economic recovery, or only create inflation ? 

This problem by itself would normally be a major preoccupation, but the prospect of the arrival in  the EU of hundreds of thousand refugees, mainly in Italy, fleeing the opression of the Extreme Islamic State, represents a serious problem which must be addressed !  

All EU countries are concerned but Chancellor Merkel and her protégé Juncker refuse to envisage changing EU treaties relative to the freedom of movement of people !  It seems  ignoring this agression by the IS is easier than tackling changes in EU treaties ! 

However, the indirect cost of IS agression will  ultimately also weigh its part in the defence of the EURO on internationoal Financial markets !  The Council of EU Leaders must therefore, recognise this and the risks involved, particularly if no action is taken or planned !  




Tuesday, 5 May 2015


After all the shouting and outrageous attacks, all the promises made, backed by numerous fickle Opinion Polls, the serious and enfranchised voter could well ask himself how he should vote !

It is true, this UK Election, with 5 major parties fighting to increase their share of the 630 seats, could lead to a "hung" Parliament where no one party has an overall majority !  As was the case in 2010, a Coalition Government would then have to be formed, - if possible !

The UK and its Voters would probably be best served by discarding "pipe dream" promises by Parties, Leaders and Constituency candidates !   Promises only cost money if they are ultimately   introduced.  Policy changes however, could be very costly !

How will the Cost be funded ?  Who will be expected to pay ?  Perhaps it is "YOU" !

There is also a problem of the "stability" of "Leaders" !  Are they in charge of their parties or are the Parties in charge of them ?  Likewise do they have a team around them of people with sound track records who could safely manage problems of national importance ! 
YOU, the elector, will have the future of the country in the palm of your hands in two days time !


Ca chauffe au Front National !


Monday, 4 May 2015


Saving the lives of refugees fleeing from the Islamic State oppressors is an admirable intention, and is applauded by all right thinking people !  The EU Leaders were admirable when they quickly acted at their hastily arranged meeting last month !  They "tripled the Frontex budget" !

Alas, Italy has limited means to cover the costs of the rising influx of thousands of destitute refugees Italy !  There are already tens of thousands with nowhere to go !  This is an urgent humanitarian crisis which Italy alone cannot solve !  

This problem has arisen because no one dares to intervene in the Middle-east to chastise the Islamic State which is using barberous methods to install an extremist version of the Muslim faith ? To promote this Faith , mass killings of humans, genocide in fact, and the total destruction of towns and cities is justified !  

This has created the current problem of the "Refugees" or "Displaced Persons" !  They are not really "illegal immigrants" either, but just want to be able to settle somewhere !  

Where is the Saviour ?  When will Diplomats and leading Political Leaders agree to act ?  Have not enough "red lines" been crossed ? 

One thing is certain !  These extremists will never be satisfied.  There will be other 9/11s if they are not stopped ! 



Triste spectacle offert par Jean Marie Le Pen le 1er mai dernier. 

Son cri "Jeanne, au secours !" lancé du pied de la statue de Jeanne d'Arc semblait être l'appel d'un vieillard perdu, à la raison chancelante et provoquait parmi beaucoup un sentiment de malaise.  Même impression de gêne lorsque Jean Marie Le Pen est venu gesticuler à la tribune sans y avoir été invité...  "La vieillesse est un naufrage" !

Toutefois tout aussi navrante est la réaction des  "responsables" politiques de droite comme de gauche qui tentent de tirer profit de cette pitoyable situation sur fond de tensions familiales, tel Xavier Bertrand sur BFM ce midi.


Sunday, 3 May 2015


Les cartes nationales d'identité délivrées depuis le 1er janvier 2014 sont valables 15 ans (décret du 18 décembre 2013). 

Cette durée de 15 ans s'applique également aux cartes nationales d'identité sécurisées en cours de validité au 1er janvier 2014, c'est à dire délivrées à des personnes majeures entre le 2 janvier 2004 et le 31 décembre 2013. La durée de validité de ces cartes est donc automatiquement prolongée de 5 ans sans qu'il soit besoin de modifier la date de validité inscrite sur le titre.

Toutefois tous les pays étrangers n' acceptent pas une carte d'identité dont la durée de validité a ainsi été prolongée mais qui présente facialement une date périmée.

Pour éviter le désagrément d'être refoulé à la frontière, il est fortement conseillé aux voyageurs de consulter le site "".

Par ailleurs sur le site "", les candidats au voyage trouveront la liste des pays qui acceptent la carte nationale d'identité comme document de voyage valide. Ils pourront télécharger une fiche dans la langue correspondante attestant de la validité de leur carte d'identité en dépit de la date faciale  dépassée.




How will Western and Middle Eastern  Countries react to the latest news reports concerning the killing of 300 Yazidi prisoners by the Islamic State (I S) ?  Will there be any reaction or will this incident like many others just be filed and forgotten ?

Or will Western Leaders just order another shipment of "Feather Dusters" so that they are armed to beat the living daylights out of any IS Activist they might by chance catch ?

The EU has already doubled its meagre Budget in order to save "fleeing refugees from drowning" in the Mediterranean in their quest to reach safety !  Will this Policy really stop the I S in its tracks ?  Will they stop killing all believers who are not Extremist Muslims ? 

The Islamic State will never be big enough !  It will always want to expand, in the Middle East, in Africa and also in Europe !   I S never declares war !  It just kills cold bloodedly and destroys everything in its way and marches on !

Reprisals are necessary and overdue !  Electors are frightened that Western Leaders are not doing more !


Friday, 1 May 2015


La Présidente de l'Institut National de l'Audiovisuel (INA) a été cette semaine contrainte à la démission pour avoir dépensé plus de 40 000 euros en frais de taxi au cours des dix derniers mois, alors qu'elle disposait pour ses fonctions d'une voiture avec chauffeur.

Ces faits avaient été révélés aux administrateurs de l'INA, par un rapport anonyme extrêmement détaillé posté par un "corbeau" selon l'expression utilisée par le Figaro dans son édition du 29 avril 2015 : une "possibilité d'abus de biens sociaux" y était évoquée.

Dans cette affaire, certains réfutent l'expression de "corbeau" lui préférant celle plus noble de "lanceur d'alerte". 

Selon le Conseil de l'Europe, un lanceur d'alerte est "toute personne qui révèle des informations concernant des menaces, ou un préjudice, pour l'intérêt général dans le contexte de sa relation de travail qu'elle soit dans le secteur public ou privé".

Toutefois la législation française ne comporte pas de définition globale du "lanceur d'alerte" mais seulement des dispositions éparses et limitées.

Ne serait-il pas temps de prévoir une loi applicable à tous les secteurs d'activité afin de fixer des procédures de transmission des informations et de protéger l'anonymat du lanceur d'alerte ; c'est ce que réclame déjà un collectif d'organisations et parmi elles "la plateforme internationale des lanceurs d'alerte" (pila).