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Friday, 28 August 2015



Reçu ce jour ce mail affirmant sans ambages "la circoncision est entièrement remboursée par la Sécurité Sociale aux musulmans" !  Il y a déjà quelques années que cette affirmation péremptoire mais fausse circule sur le "net"...


Alors, on rappelle ici que la circoncision pour motif religieux n'est pas remboursée par la Sécurité Sociale, qu'il s agisse de juifs ou de musulmans. La circoncision n'est remboursée que si elle a pour objet de remédier à un trouble médical, un phimosis par exemple.


Il est vrai que souvent à la demande insistante des familles, certains médecins font passer une circoncision religieuse pour un acte médical afin que les familles en obtiennent le remboursement.   Il s'agit ni plus ni moins d'une fraude à la Sécurité Sociale que la Caisse d'assurance maladie doit sanctionner.



Thursday, 27 August 2015


Everyone everywhere is quick to talk about the urgent problem of "uncontrolled" immigration into the EU !  Sometimes figures or statistics are published to reveal the importance of the problem being highlighted.

What is never published is an authoritative statement of the whole subject of migration and immigration into each and all countries of the EU.  How many Chinese, Japanese, Syrians and Nigerians etc. have entered and left ?  

Likewise for what reason have immigrants wanted to enter the EU.  Are they temporary visitors or long term migrants from another EU country ?   Or are they  refugees fleeing from oppression ? 

The current trend is to use the word "migrant" which then covers everyone leaving for another country.  Any isolated statistics which are then quoted to underline the importance of what is being said, cannot be understood in the total context of "immigration" !  Imprecise language abounds !

Finally, Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany says the EU cannot refuse to help refugees coming from the Middle East countries which are being destroyed by Extremist Muslims.   This is a normal and pious hope.     

Accepting such refugees is one thing, but what are her solutions to stop the increasing flow of these miserable people who are forced out of their home countries ?  For how many more years will German Electors tolerate the arrival of 800 000 refugees ?   This is her estimate for 2015 !  




Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Aaron Ramsay, of Arsenal would like more video technology to be introduced in football, and many fans will agree with him completely.  

Rugby Union has been a leading example of the benefits which can be obtained.   Football is now a much more rapid game after the introduction of the lighter weight ball.   Techniques and tactics have already changed as a result.

The real question is why is football lagging behind other sports ?  Does the FIFA crisis really stop everything ?

Besides Video Technology to help Referees when necessary, as in Rugby, there are other changes which could benefit Football.

-  Punish blatant body-checking to prevent oponents  getting to the ball while not playing the ball.  One sees this in every game.

-  Abolish the yellow card system and introduce the "Sin Bin" as in Rugby.  Should the punishment not be instant and benefit the other team ? 

It would be interesting if the English FA could test new ideas in friendly matches to provoke real discussions.  Football Managers probably have many ideas that could be tried out !



The prospect of 800 000 new immigrants settling in Germany in 2015 has now even startled Angela Merkel !

As Chancellor of Germany and Leader of the EUROZONE, she has always staunchly defended the principles of EU Treaties signed many years ago when, for example, Extreme Muslim terrorists were not yet active and did not yet want to conquer the Middle East or parts of Africa.

Now fleeing refugees are being driven out of their Middle East homes to avoid being slaughtered.  They have not really chosen to emigrate : they have fled to save their lives.  They know that European countries have sworn,  after two World Wars, to avoid a third War in Europe !

Chancellor Merkel now wants all countries to share the cost and responsibility of the sudden invasion of unwanted Immigrants, or "Migrants" which is the word often preferred, which is a more comforting word, albeit less precise !

This is not the solution which EU countries favour.  The message from voters in all recent elections is that they want strict controls at all points of entry into the EU to stop unwanted immigrants.

As an informed Leader of the EU, Angela Merkel must surely know that the USA and Britain are actively occupied in the Middle East.   The destructive activities of the Islamic State and its systematic extermination of all non-muslim inhabitants must be stopped or at least be contained, but not only in the Middle East and Africa but in every country of the EU as well.

This, Chancellor Merkel, is what electors in the EU want, even in Germany !



Monday, 24 August 2015


Dans une copropriété, c'est le syndic qui, pour le compte du syndicat des copropriétaires, engage et congédie le gardien ou le concierge, fixe ses conditions de travail suivant les usages locaux et les textes en vigueur, sans avoir à solliciter au préalable l'autorisation de l'assemblée générale des copropriétaires ; le gardien ou le concierge est son préposé.

Néanmoins, c'est le syndicat des copropriétaires qui juridiquement est l'employeur du gardien ou du concierge ; celui-ci est donc le salarié de la copropriété.

Les copropriétaires, pris individuellement, sont-ils pour autant en droit d'exiger du syndic la communication de la copie du contrat de travail du gardien ?  Non, vient d'en décider la Cour de Cassation.

Seul le conseil syndical peut prendre connaissance à sa demande, après en avoir donné avis au syndic, de toutes pièces ou documents, correspondances ou registres se rapportant à la gestion du syndic et, d'une manière générale, à l'administration de la copropriété (Cour de Cassation, chambre civile 3, du 8 juillet 2015, n°14-12072).

Au conseil syndical d'apprécier si il y a lieu de faire droit à la demande d'un copropriétaire désireux de consulter le contrat de travail du gardien .



Sunday, 23 August 2015


On Friday evening in a Thalys Amsterdam-Paris bound train, two Americans and an Englishman thwarted a highly armed extremist Muslim terrorist before he managed to kill any of the passengers.  However, three people at least suffered gun-shot wounds.

President Obama, President Hollande and Prime Minister David Cameron are quite rightly rejoicing in the bravery  of the two Americans and the Englishman.

These three World Leaders will publicly and privately, express their gratitude to these Heroes.  Their action is a perfect example of what can be achieved ! 

BUT, should these three World Leaders not now decide what must be done to further protect their citizens in the future and to deter such fanatical terrorists ?

Many of the "lone" extremists are, in fact already known and monitored by the security services of countries they have been to, because of the "friends" they have visited.

Should the aim not become to stop them before they  kill by depriving them of their liberty, even if  this infringes their Human Rights ?   

One can no longer just sit back and wait for  crimes to be committed.  That is always too late !



Friday, 21 August 2015


This week Britain and France have signed an agreement to jointly act and bear the cost for the control of Migrants in Calais who aim to cross the channel to Britain.  Just another agreement...

In effect, for at least ten years Calais has been inundated with unwanted "Migrants" from Asia, Africa and recently from the Middle East. 

France and Great Britain have regularly met over the years to try to stem the tide of "migrants" from all over the world, who are trying to escape persecution and misery, often caused by polititical unrest, civil war and terrorism.

Does the United Nations act ?  Do other world powers act to prevent the abuse of Human Rights ?  Does the European Union act to protect its citizens ?   No one acts or does anything to solve basic problems !  Has Ban Ki moon proposed effective solutions to reduce the number  of refugees forced to leave the Middle East ?

Do Politicians and Diplomats think that the continued agression of Extremist Muslims can ultimately lead to a lasting Peace in the Middle East ?

Likewise, perhaps by not firmly closing the Borders of the European Union, do EU politicians hope that unwanted Migrants will be dissuaded if they are sent back home, cost-free, on an areoplane by Britain or France ?  

Angela Merckel, on behalf of Germany and the EUROZONE has closely examined the Greek economy, but has made no recomendations on how to reduce the number of "Migrants" from the Middle East that daily invade Greece.



François Hollande promet de baisser les impôts 

" si la croissance s'amplifie en 2016 ".




Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Seb Coe, now known as Lord Coe, a clean athlete from the bygone years of the 1980s, has become the Chairman of the British Olympic Association and he advocates the punishment of sportsmen who use drugs.

The world is now continually changing : there are more people, less working hours, an increasing number of sports facilities, and, to be quite blunt, many more well paid or overpaid "Professional Sportsmen" in all Sports .

There was a time, in the 1950s, when amateurs were not paid and Professionals, footballers for example, only earned about the minimum wage.  They had a normal job to do between weekly matches.  Now there are few "unpaid top" amateurs.       

Now Professional Sportsmen train "all day" and are well paid.  They are expected to win.  They are expected to obey Club Trainers and some have personal Professional Trainers to ensure they are "winners" !

But, now Sportsmen are made aware of the importance of DRUGS to help them to win !

What is now even more important is to deter "Trainers or Advisors" who have the "know how" to help their "sportsmen" to avoid the detection of drug abuse. 

Seb Coe advocates life long bans for Drug Abusers but this is not permitted at present.  Significant bans for 5 or 10 years must become standards, to deter abuse and to promote sportsmanship .

What is even more important is that Trainers and Organisers of Sports Events, who encourage or "turn a blind eye" to Drug Use, are given life long bans from any job connected with Sport .  They should also be hit in the Pocket.

Finally, any competing sportsman should always be obliged to submit himself to a drug test whenever he is requested.

One can only wish Seb Coe luck in this job, and that he makes it public whenever reasonable propositions are refused.


Sunday, 16 August 2015


Si vous venez à Cannes en Juillet et Aout n'espérez pas étaler votre serviette sur une des plages de la  Croisette. Non, le bord de mer n'y est pas accessible gratuitement à tous !

Certes à Cannes, on trouve 13 plages publiques mais elles sont reléguées bien à l'Est et à l'Ouest de Cannes à la lisière de Mandelieu. Il n'y a que 3 plages publiques en bordure de la "Croisette"...

Toutes les autres plages sur la Croisette sont privées et pour beaucoup concédées par la ville de Cannes aux grands hôtels.  Au total, 37 concessions qui emploient  800 personnes, des établissements balnéaires qui en juillet et aout accueillent plus de 7000 clients par jour...  Ces établissements de plage constituent donc une composante importante de l'activité touristique et économique de la ville.  Au détriment des touristes plus modestes qui, comme ci-dessous, s'entassent avec leurs parasols et la glacière sur la plage publique "Zamenhof "réduite à la portion congrue puisqu'une parcelle est en régie municipale.


Hopelessly ill people, those suffering continual pain, often plead many times for their lives to be ended, but most of the time are ignored by everyone around them .   

Politicians from the Right, Left or Centre, in many countries, not just Britain, do not have the courage to tackle the problem of Euthanasia or as some call it, assisted suicide: it could be a vote loser in the next Election !    

Then suddenly someone manages to draw the attention  of a wider audience and publicise his thoughts and feelings of how he felt.  Bob Cole, aged 68, died at the Dignitas Clinic in Switzerland this week, where he saw his wife Ann aged 67, die early last year.  They were both suffering and doomed through incurable illnesses.

Bob Cole invited a tabloid newspaper, "The Sun", to join him on this last journey ! 

Not all would be Euthanasia candidates have the mental capacity to make clear what they want, nor do they all have the money required !  Future Legislation must cover all situations. 

The biggest impediment seems to be the lack of courage of Politicians !   Is "Euthanasia or not" the most perfect subject which should be decided by a National Referendum ? 

This would give everyone a chance to express themselves, Politicians, Clergy of all religions, Lawyers, Doctors and Nursing Homes and Families. 

The result itself would clearly reveal the urgencies that must be addressed.   Politicians would have a better understanding of what is expected from future governments !

Britain must act, but other countries too.  The EU perhaps also.   In fact, is this not a "Human Rights Problem" ? 



Saturday, 15 August 2015


Every football enthusiast world-wide has been following the events of the FIFA saga which has still not reached its climax, even after at least 8 years of suspicions.  To put it mildly, the Presidencies of Sepp Blatter have not embellished the reputation of FIFA.

The Swiss and USA Juditional Departments  each have ongoing investigations into Fraud by FIFA executives, and this has created turmoil and suspicion in the Organisation.

Less than a year ago Sepp Blatter had the internal Report of 350 pages by Michael Garcia in his hands.  This apparently revealed serious breaches of FIFA ethics.   Blatter preferred a summary which was concocted and which whitewashed FIFA of any wrongdoing !  It prompted Michael Garcia's immediate resignation from FIFA !

In spite of previous promises, Blatter again wanted an extention of his Presidency and he was re-elected on Friday, May 28 2015.  During the weekend the extradition of some FIFA executives was officially requested by the USA.   Blatter then announced that he would resign !

He has never given a date "when" his Resignation would be effective !  He has only said that he would not be a candidate in the next election !  He also promised that he would remain President to ensure that FIFA would recover from these problems !   He would also organise the next Presidential Election !   This will now take place on Friday, February 26, 2016 apparently !

Can one be sure that Sepp Blatter will resign ? 

 Will he not argue that he still needs more time to finish the reform of FIFA which, he said, it was his duty as President to accomplish ?

Would he, after resigning, still be a "paid executive" of FIFA and what would be his functions ?  Are there not other little matters which should be examined long before the Presidential Election ?

Should all these things not be decided now rather than later ?  The publication of the "Effective Date" of his official resignation would make things a lot clearer and easier for everyone !  




Friday, 14 August 2015


Une nouvelle obligation a été mise à la charge des conseils syndicaux de copropriété par la loi du 24 mars 2014 dite loi ALUR : procéder à la mise en concurrence du syndic lors de sa désignation, c'est à dire tous les ans si le syndic est élu pour un an, tous les trois ans si son mandat est de trois ans (1).  Ceci alors même  qu'aucun copropriétaire ne souhaite changer de syndic.
Pour la plupart des commentateurs et pour les conseils syndicaux, cette nouvelle obligation était considérée comme une aberration...(cf notre article du 28 mars 2015).

La loi du 6 aout 2015, article 88, dite loi Macron vient de simplifier ce dispositif : tous les trois ans, et non plus au cas où l'Assemblée Générale est appelée à se prononcer sur la désignation du syndic, le conseil syndical devra mettre en concurrence plusieurs projets de contrats de syndic avant la tenue de la prochaine Assemblée Générale appelée à se prononcer sur la désignation d'un syndic.

Toutefois l'Assemblée Générale statuant à la majorité absolue de l'article 25 (majorité des voix de tous les copropriétaires) peut dispenser le conseil syndical de cette obligation de mise en concurrence.  Cette question est obligatoirement inscrite à l'ordre du jour de l'Assemblée Générale.

Les copropriétaires ont toujours la possibilité de demander au syndic de porter à l'ordre du jour de l'AG  l'examen des projets de contrats de syndic qu'ils communiquent à cet effet.




Thursday, 13 August 2015


No one who is bereft of ideas of how to help young sportsmen should be permitted to advise them to go abroad ! 

This was the advice of the new Chief Executive Officer of the English Football Association, Martin Glenn, to Young Footballers aged 18+ without a club !

Martin Glenn must go to the roots of the problem.  Three main reasons have created this situation: 

1.  The richest Football Clubs in England (Manchester United, Chelsea and others) only want to BUY ready made Star footballers who can guarantee success but cost a fortune to buy . 

2.  Top clubs no longer have the time to bother with developement work on promising future stars : they prefer to LOAN them to smaller clubs which will provide them with real-time playing experience !  If they do not "make the grade", they are abandoned .

3.  Smaller clubs can therefore no longer attract "potential stars" but are also handicapped when "stars in the making" are recalled earlier than expected by Lending Clubs to cover an emergency !  

What clubs really want Martin Glenn to do, is to limit the number of loan players any one club can Loan and any one club can Accept .  There must be limits !

If Martin Glenn consults the statistics of the number of British born and bred players in Premiership Squads, he will understand the extent of the problem .  Should first team squads not have 50% of UK born and bred players ?   The future of the National Team depends on what he decides . 

Furthermore, this problem originates not in Enland but in FIFA and in UEFA.  There are certainly other countries which have this same problem .


Wednesday, 12 August 2015


The first Bail-out Loan made to Greece was on May 2 2010 for 110 Billion Euros.  It was to avoid a "Grexit" and also to prevent an "attack on the Euro".

The second Bail-out Loan in February 2012 replaced the first Bail-out and was for 240 Billion Euros to cover more maturing financial obligations that had been discovered.     
It became clear at this point that the Greek Economy  was facing major problems and that drastic action was required to ensure that Public Expenditure was covered by Tax Income.   In fact a major overhawl of previous practices was needed. 

EUROZONE creditors were becoming anxious.  They wanted neither a "Grexit" nor to write down, even partially, the value of the Debts of 240 Billion Euros. 

However, Tsipras was elected on January 25, 2015 as the new left wing Prime Minister of Greece after he had promised  Voters that he would request a Debt write-down in future negotiations !

This Debt write-off has not yet been granted by Creditors.  It has taken more than six months to finally agree a 3rd, two-year, Bail-out of 85 Billion Euros !  Attached are stiff conditions which will mean more misery and pain for Greek Taxpayers and Pensioners !
This 3rd Bail-out must be agreed by Greek electors and at present it is not at all clear what will happen !  However, what this Bail-out does ensure is that GREEK Banks will be supplied by the European Central Bank with "cash" to permit Greek citizens to withdraw money from their accounts and purchase what is required to survive !  In the end this could lead to an acceptance of this 3rd Bail-out ! 

However Greece, a country of only 10 million people,  could never repay 300+ billion Euros !  Is the logical conclusion not that in the next two years Greece will declare itself bankrupt and leave the EUROZONE ?

Would it not adopt the old Drachma but also try to stay in the EU ?



Monday, 10 August 2015


The unexpected collapse of the Australians in the Ashes Tests will lead to an Inquisition !  What went wrong ?  Whose fault is it ?   The glib admission that England were simply just better, cannot be accepted.

Several top class players will retire or not be selected for the next Tour by Australia to England, or to any other country !

Of the 17 players in the Australian Squad for the 4th Test Match, 8 players were aged 30 or over.  The  average age of the whole Squad was 29 years and 8 months. 

Of the 11 players who played in the 4th Test, 4 were over 30 and the average age of the 11 was 29 years and 2 months.

Does this not raise the question whether the Selectors got the balance between youth and exerience wrong ?  This lack of the right balance could also lead to Australia being downgraded in the ICC Test Rankings, where they are at present second behind South Africa !

Perhaps some Selectors also need to be retired !



Sunday, 9 August 2015


Obviously if Batsmen hit double centuries in the fifth and final Test, or if a Bowler gets 9 wickets for 15 runs in an innings, they could avoid the brunt of the double edged questions which thirsty Journalists have prepared while awaiting the Australian Cricket team on their return from England, without the Ashes ! 

It is not the fault of the Selectors that Australia were humbled !  They did win the second Test convincingly ! It is the fault of the Players and the Staff that accompanied them !   That is where one should look for the culprits !

Everything must now be analized carefully.  A striking example is the curious highest score of 14 "extras" in the total of 60 by the entire Australian team !  There were 11 leg byes, but none of the batsmen were given out LBW !  This technique could perhaps be even better exploited in future !   No details are available about whether the batsmen used their "Helmets" to nod "bouncers" away and score runs !   Or are they already included in the total of 11 byes ?

Finally, no right thinking person can envie the reception the Australian team can expect on its return.  Accredited Journalists travelling with the team have probably already prepared their "red hot" reports, or will put the finishing touches while on the plane !     

The only way to avoid the torture and the baying journalists awaiting the Players at the expected Airport, would be to arrange individual return journeys on different days to different airports all over Australia !


Friday, 7 August 2015


For the Aussies today to save face there is only one way : draw the 4th test and win the 5th to square the series and thus keep the Ashes ! 

The betting odds today of achieving such a feat are  about 20-1 against !

There is now wild speculation of what could happen after the recent dismal batting displays of the Aussies when they return home.  Will  they ALL dare to face a hostile reception if they return home or will some want to remain in Britain as new immigrants ?

Even this creates problems.  Jobs are available in Britain but could they still get work as Cricketers after this Tour ?   Would they not be too expensive ?

As a quick-fix therapy or solution the Aussies could perhaps consult Meg LANNING who is the Captain of the Australian Women's team which is touring England at present ?  They seem to be having more success than their male counterparts in their matches against England !

The entire male Australian team were out for 60 yesterday, whereas Meg Lanning, the captain of the Australian Women's team has recently scored a century !  The highest scorer for Australia yesterday was "Extras" with 14 !  

Is there anything in the rules which would prevent Australia of co-opting one or two women into their team ?  



Thursday, 6 August 2015


Actuellement, en cas de licenciement reconnu sans cause réelle et sérieuse par les tribunaux, autrement dit abusif, des dommages-intérêts sont dus au salarié : au moins 6 mois de salaire pour les salariés ayant au moins deux ans d'ancienneté dans les entreprises d'au moins 11 salariés; aucun maximum ne s'impose aux juges.

Dans les entreprises de moins de 11 salariés ou pour les salariés ayant moins de deux ans d'ancienneté, c'est au juge de fixer le montant des dommages-intérêts pour rupture abusive.

Afin d'assurer aux entreprises une plus grande sécurité juridique, l'article 266 de la loi pour la croissance, l'activité et l'égalité des chances économiques, dite "Loi Macron", prévoyait d'encadrer l'indemnité pour licenciement abusif entre un plancher et un plafond, variant selon l'ancienneté du salarié et l'effectif de l'entreprise : le législateur distinguait entre les entreprises selon qu'elles emploient moins de 20 salariés, de 20 à 299 salariés ou 300 salariés et plus.

Une disposition censurée par le Conseil Constitutionnel le 5 aout 2015.

Si le législateur peut plafonner l'indemnité pour licenciement sans cause réelle et sérieuse, il doit retenir des critères en lien avec le préjudice subi par le salarié; or tel n' est pas le cas du critère des effectifs de l'entreprise.

En effet la différence de traitement selon la taille de l'entreprise méconnait le principe de l'égalité devant la loi et le Conseil Constitutionnel a donc invalidé l'article 266 de la loi Macron.  Une décision qui ne surprend pas(voir notre article du 10 juin 2015 "indemnités de rupture, les modifications annoncées").

Au Gouvernement donc de revoir son dispositif. En attendant, la règlementation antérieure reste inchangée. 


Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Tensions have risen after hundreds of immigrants have illegally stormed no go areas in Calais in desperate and dangerous attempts to board lorries and trains to reach Dover !

Calais residents are also cringing at the sight of the increased number of Immigrants roaming their Streets.
Xavier Bertrand, who is a Candidate in the Regional Election in December (1) has openly attacked Britain for its lax rules concerning "cheap black labour jobs" available in Britain and threatens to renounce the 2003 Le Touquet Agreement between Britain and France.  

This may be too early because at present in France he is only a member of the Opposition in Parliament !  That is probably why he has also suggested that the Ministers in France and Britain should meet again to change the current rules. 

This again will resolve nothing because this is not just a "Calais" problem, but one which concerns the whole of the EU !

The immigrants in Calais mainly come from Asia, the Middle East and Africa :  they enter the EU mainly via Greece, Italy and Spain.  If they were stopped at the Border before entering France, there would be less Immigrants in Calais !  (There is also a problem with Romainian Migrants in Paris as Xavier Bertrand probably knows !)     

The problems of unwanted Immigrants (and Migrants)  can only be solved if and when EU Treaties are changed and when there is a strict control on the Borders of "Schengen" by each and every country in the EU ! 

Angela Merkel, who is the Chancellor of Land-locked Germany in the South which has only Switzerland as a non-EU neighbour, does not want to change any of the Treaties !  Perhaps David Cameron will be able to persuade her !

 (1)  Read the article entitled "Calais Migrants : What bug has bitten Bertrand ?"                                        


After the suggestion by Xavier Bertrand's that France should simply let Immigrants leave Calais for Dover, Britons can quite rightly wonder what bug has suddenly bitten Bertand, or as one so nicely says in French, "Quelle mouche a piqué Bertrand ?".

Normally he is a quiet person, and not too effusive.  So what has suddenly galvanised Xavier Bertrand ?

He was born in Chalons France) in 1965 and studied Law and Political Science in the University of Reims.

He was first elected as an MP in 2002 for the Aisne constituency in Northern France.  He worked closely with Jean-Pierre Raffarin who was Prime Minister from 2002 to 2005 and was Minister when Villepin was Prime Minister while Sarkozy was President from 2008 to 2013.

He has been Mayor of St Quentin since 2010.

He now seeks to become the President of the Regional Assembly of the North - Pas de Calais and Picardie area in the next elections.  There he will be confronted by the National Front (FN) and its candidate Marine Le Pen, who have growing support all over France, but particularly in Northern France on the issue of Immigration !

Are Xavier Bertrand's sudden attacks against Britain about Calais Immigrants not due to the battle which can be expected with the FN party in the Regional Elections  on December 6 and 13, 2015 ?





Monday, 3 August 2015


Dans la nuit du 4 au 5 aout 1789, il y a 226 ans, les députés de l'Assemblée nationale constituante proclamaient l'abolition des droits féodaux et de divers privilèges.

Pour commémorer cet anniversaire, nous republions ce dessin de notre dessinateur MARIN .



Sunday, 2 August 2015


The massive increase of unexpected migrants in Calais, who all have the aim to reach Britain by any means available, has created heated debates in France and Britain during the last few weeks.

Both countries realise that security needs to be improved to avoid more deaths of migrants and to restore normal services for lorries, cars and trains.

Xavier Bertrand, a Minister when in the Sarkozy was President, now a candidate hoping to become President of the Calais REGION in the next Regional Elections has clearly said that the problems in Calais exasperate him and France in general.
If Britain and David Cameron do not take the necessary measures, then says Xavier Bertrand, France should do nothing to prevent immigrants getting to Britain.   

Britain must change to make itself less attractive to Migrants, who become cheap labour on the black market, for example !  Also, the Touquet agreement between France and Britain must be reviewed so that Britain takes more significant measures.   

However, one must understand why so many more immigrants suddenly want to come to the European Union !  

Firstly, is one of the main reasons not due to barbaric Muslim Extremist slaughters in Asia, the Middle East and Africa ?  Are they not at war aiming to create Islamic States ? Should the EU just sit back and do nothing ?

Secondly, should EU Treaties not be changed to limit the principle of the Freedon of Movement in the EU, to EU born citizens ?

Thirdly, should EU Frontiers not be Closed to all non EU born Citizens (except tourists, etc.)?  Should the objects of FRONTEX not be redefined ?  

Most if not all the unexpected Immigrants seem to enter the EU via Greece, Italy or Spain !  Is it normal that France, or other countries can do nothing to reject them ?

It is clear that this whole problem of Immigration or Migration is fundamentally discussed by the Counsel of Ministers in Brussels as soon as possible !

Doing nothing solves nothing !  Several EU and EUROZONE countries recently elected anti-immigration MPs.  Even in France and Britain !        


Saturday, 1 August 2015


David Cameron was not wrong to say that a "swarm of migrants" broke through fencing in Calais to enter the Channel Train Tunnel in an illegal attempt to reach Britain ! 

Everyone who thinks he is someone and who thought he shoud to be heard, seems to have grabbed this chance to criticise the "language" which Cameron used.  Have any of them also used the occasion to say anything useful to help solve this migrant crisis ?

What colourful language would they use if they found an illegal migrant burgling their home for food and money ?   

Or, would they then have another go and criticise Cameron because he has not stopped the flow of illegal migrants ?