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Tuesday, 29 September 2015


La conférence sur le climat « COP21 » aura lieu à Paris à la fin de l’ année. François Hollande a déjà préparé son discours d’ouverture. Nous avons pu nous le procurer.
Bon vent !


Monday, 28 September 2015


Any speculation about Putin's aims in the Middle East must also take into account his operations in and around Ukraine.

Why does he want to build a runway for Airplanes   in Syria ?  Why does he want Russian warships in Syrian ports ?   Why did Russia and China vote against all proposed UNO resolutions since 2012 which tried to put pressure on Syria and  President Bachar Al Assad ?

The answer must be that Putin wants to have a stronger base in the Middle East for the Russian Fleet of ships which are mainly anchored in the Black Sea area.    

However, Putin also wants to join any war against the Islamic State Extremists in order to protect Russia.  Syria would be a good base for Russian troops, which could then also protect Syria !

Up to now Putin has avoided fleeing Syrian Refugees trying to migrate into Russia, but Refugees fleeing into Russia from Ukraine have always been welcome ! 

When the war in the Middle East is over, Putin will want to maintain a solid presence in the Middle East, but he will also insist that Crimea, which he illegally snatched back from Ukraine, should be officially recognised as being Russian !   Yet he also desperately wants to free Russia from the Sanctions which have been imposed by the West ! 

Deciding the spoils of the War in the Middle East will be like another "Yalta Settlement" in 1945 !

Putin will claim not only Crimea, but at the same time also try to hold on to certain Rebel held areas of Eastern Ukraine on the Russian border. 

In this game of Political Chess, the best move by the West would seem to be to fast-track Ukraine  into the European Union ! 



Sunday, 27 September 2015


The Volkswagen (VW) scandal has rocked the Group, but only one person seems to have resigned : Martin Winterkorn, the Chief Executive of the Management Board of VW. 

What is surprising is that he resigned so quickly, after the VW group in the USA was accused of falsifying the results of the toxic emissions of its vehicules.  He pleads that he was not aware of "everything" that happened.  That is surprising and needs to be checked !  

The result appears to be catastrophic for the future of the VW Group not only in the USA but Worldwide.   However, the amount of Winterkorn's personal final pay-off, in accordance with the figures published in the Press, could be astronomic.

There are two obvious observations one must make in these circumstances. 

First and foremost, there must be many other  employees in the Group who were fully aware of what was going on and whose duty it was to report the facts and dangers to their superiors, not only in Germany and the USA, but in many different Group Companies all over the VW world.

These "responsible" people should also be "resigning", or be sacked, but will they also get astronomic pay-offs ?

Secondly, when an employee is guilty of "gross negligence" should he not forfeit all the promised additional payments due in his "Personal contract of services" ?  

Who  should authorise this final "Pay-off" to Martin Winterkorn, and when ?  Should it not be the Shareholders, but only after all the facts and costs of this catastrophy are known ?


Saturday, 26 September 2015


The reactions of Leaders in the EU, when they  suddenly realised that more than a million Migrants might soon enter the  Schengen area in 2015, and perhaps even more next year, was revealing.   The fact that some refugees would even be "allocated" to their country, was an unexpected shock.

It revealed that there is much less unity in the EU than was generally thought before.   This is even more true of the 19 EUROZONE countries than of the 9 non-EURO countries. It revealed that they were in the EUROZONE only because the EURO is a stable currency and thus protects each country from speculation.  Greece is a perfect example.

EUROZONE countries accept "monetary"  decisions but do not expect a share of the 120 000 Refugees which Germany cannot take !  This created an immediate panic, particularly by former Eastern Block countries, which were liberated after the Berlin Wall was breached in 1989.

The Eurozone Unity and their "block vote" in EU discussions suddenly disappeared.  Their main aim is to protect the EURO and then their country by benefitting from the power of a bigger "political block" :  they want to protect the characteristics of their country and their way of life.  They certainly do not want "immigrants" to be imposed on them.

This is also true of other countries in the EU which have their own currencies. 

The dream of a "federated, multi-national" United States of Europe (USE) with the freedom of movement of people, is further away than before.

Should the "Frontiers of the EU" not be totally secured so that all EU citizens feel safe and at home ?  Should EU Treaties not be modernised to take into account the many changes since 1945 ? 

Then the "Family of Nations" of the EU will have  started to heal the rift and could then aspire to become the United States of Europe ! 





Friday, 25 September 2015


Last night Manual Valls, the Prime  Minister of France was the invited guest to answer questions under the spotlight, on French television, for more than two hours.  One cannot but admit that he performed very competently.

He was previously the Minister of the Interior when President Hollande suddenly decided he needed him to reorganise his Government.   He  nominated Valls as his new Prime Minister on March 31, 2014 and this has already proved to be a master stroke. 

Hollande also chose Emanuel Macron as the new Minister of the Economy and he has helped Valls to shift Government objectives more towards the centre and slightly away from the extreme left. 

Valls is tri-lingual (Spanish, French and Italian) and was born in Barcelona of a Swiss mother and Spanish father.  His English needs a crash course to improve it. 

However, no one should underestimate his  comprehension of political problems and their context, either in France or Internationally.  He has a good grip of what is involved and is lucid and clear when he speaks.  This is in no way meant to be a judgement of his political views.  He is and remains a Socialist.

The feeling one has is that a page has been turned in French politics.  Valls and Macron will revise and discard old principles when necessary to update  France and its socialist principles. 

Both will also be on the forefront of French politics for many years to come.




Bravo à Manuel Valls... pour avoir refusé de se prêter au petit jeu de la lecture du tweet le plus méchant (et le plus gentil), qui lui était proposé en fin de l'émission  "Des paroles et des actes" sur France 2.
La politique est une affaire trop sérieuse, a-t-il déclaré en substance.  Souhaitons qu'il soit entendu par tous.

Thursday, 24 September 2015


As was rightly feared by many observers before this hastily convened Emergency Summit of the EU Council, nothing tangible was decided to change anything about the invasion of the EU, by countless immigrants from all over the World ! 

This was even admitted by Donald Tusk, the former Prime Minister of Poland and now President of the EU Council of Leaders.   He said :

"The greatest tide of refugees and migrants is still to come.  We need to correct the policy of open doors and windows".

This summarises succinctly the frustration everyone now feels after the lack of any decisive discussion or  decision and after the catastrophic "open-arms invitation" Merkel sent to hopeful migrants all over the world.  It simply revived all their dreams and hopes and they are now coming in droves to Europe !

The EU Council summit on Wednesday  knew in advance, that the meeting on Tuesday of all the Ministers of the Interior of the 28 EU countries, had ended in disarray.  They had disagreed on what needed to be done next to stem the surge of Migrants.  This did not help the EU Leaders !

In fact what are EU citizens waiting for ? 

1  -  More direct attacks on Extremist Muslim  installations in the Middle East, to reduce the flood of refugees.
2  -  Changes to the Schengen principles to restrict the freedom of circulation of people into EU Countries and in and around the EU.
3  -  A restatement of the "Rights of Refugees" after their acceptation into the EU.
4  -  Abolition of the "System of imposed allocations of Refugees" thereby permitting each country to decide its own level of intake of refugees. 
5  -  Adoption of the right for each country to decide its own "Selective Immigration".
6  -  A decision on "Who pays how much" for EU  Border controls, which include Roads, Railways, Airports Seaports, etc !   Every country must pay something towards the total cost !

And finally, the date of the next Emergency Summit of the EU Council of Leaders, to make the urgent decisions which were not taken yesterday ! 



Wednesday, 23 September 2015


When Angela Merkel opened the floodgates with her "open arms invitation" for "refugees" she clearly said that Germany would accept 800 000 "qualified workers" !

Is this not an example of "selective immigration" ? In fact, is this not exactly what most countries in the EU want as a basic principle when deciding which immigrants they would be prepared to accept ?

To be brutally frank, young and skilled refugees  who can work for their living are not a problem when industries lack skilled workers.  The real problem concerns refugees or immigrants who are too old to work and are without resources ! 

Merkel's invitation has provoked a race to get into  the "Schengen area".  Up to one million migrants are now expected in Germany in 2015 !

Naturally Germany now wants other countries to share the burden.   This is by way of a quota system of the remaining 120 000 above the 800 000 which Germany will not take !

Will these other countries be able to "select" which "refugees" they are prepared to accept ?  The answer appears to be "NO" !   What will then happen to those refugees not selected ?

A clarification of current EU intentions and principles is urgent !  This problem will not simply "go away" !  It will again become a critical point of discussion very shortly, when the current tide of "migrants" does not subside !  How many "refugees" will knock on EU doors at entry points in the coming six months ?

Is it surprising, that particularly in the EUROZONE, some countries have refused point blank to accept their allocation of "refugees" ? 


Tuesday, 22 September 2015


At the EU Council of Leaders meeting tomorrow, decisive action is urgently awaited by all EU countries and their citizens.  

Effective action to curb and prevent the desperate attempts of "migrants" from Asia, Africa and the Middle East, to enter the EU Schengen area is expected. 

The allocation of 120 000 refugees, which EU countries have already refused to accept, but who are already in the  Schengen area after Angela Merkel's "open arms" welcome, is vital but of secondary importance.

What is of prime importance is to decide how to stop the arrival of more than one million desperate "migrants" in the coming six months.  This implies urgently adopting effective measures of control now at all points of entry into the EU. 

Treaties will have to be changed and decisions made about who will bear the additional costs of  increased controls.  As everyone knows, refusing entry to "migrants" at the gates of the EU is not simple.   Smaller countries like Greece will need even more than just financial help.

If nothing is decided by the Council of Leaders to-morrow, another urgent meeting will be necessary very shortly to chew over the same problems !



Monday, 21 September 2015


Before the General Election almost every pundit or commentator expected Tsipras would be confined to history ; but against all the odds, voters again backed him and he continues as their Prime Minister.   Why, what is his secret ?

The simple answer is that Tsipras has been seen by Greek electors as being honest and above board !   This is rare in politics .

He and his Syritza Party were elected in January 2015, after Tsipras  vowed in his Election Promises he would end the "pain of austerity" and that he would demand a large write-off of the 260 Billion Euros debt Greece owed to EUROZONE creditors.   The reduced repayments were to provide the funds for him to reorganise the Greek economy.  

During the following months Greek electors followed his intense haggling in Brussels and the stubborn demands of Merkel and the EUROZONE. They refused a debt write-off but extended the repayment terms and imposed strict conditions for any further Financial loans.

These conditions detailed what was expected to be done to restructure the Greek Economy.  They did not "end the pain of austerity" as promised by Tsipras !

Tsipras consulted Greek voters in July because he had to abandon some of his election promises and obtained a Vote of Confidence from the Greek Parliament in August.  Twice he received  approval.  He then called for a General Election.

Before the Election yesterday, voters knew the alternative would be "no third bail-out", and that Greece would have to leave the EUROZONE and  have to adopt a new Drachma.   They also realised this would be a step in the wrong direction.

With the backing of the EUROZONE Tsipras has now also won the backing of the Greek electors on a new program of action. Electors understand that this is fundamental for the future of Greece. 

With his Coalition he has moved to the Centre of the Greek political scene.  The extreme left wing of the original Syritza Party has split away and formed a new Group.  

Tsipras can now "reorganise" Greece, but his measures will be felt particularly by old right-wing electors who voted for the 260 Billion Euros of aid   (and even more) which was squandered and never used to restructure the Greek  Economy. 

There will be pain but Greece will happily remain as part of the EUROZONE, even on new conditions !   




Saturday, 19 September 2015


On ne peut qu'éprouver compassion et pitié face à ces milliers de réfugiés qui se pressent aux portes de l'Europe.

Et dans le même temps, on ne peut s'empêcher de s'interroger sur ces hommes, jeunes et vigoureux, qui fuient seuls, laissant derrière eux des familles fragilisées, vulnérables... et sans défense.

Difficile également de ne pas associer cet afflux de migrants à la menace que proférait Daesh en février dernier : envoyer 500 000 migrants en Europe afin de s'en servir comme une arme psychologique contre l'Europe.

En mettant à mal la solidarité européenne, Daesh n'a-t-il pas déjà remporté une première victoire ?



Chancellor Merkel's compassion for miserable migrants fleeing their homelands, to save their lives and escape the oppression of Extremist Islamists in the Middle East, was quickly applauded in Germany and all over the EU !

However this instant euphoria was just as quickly effaced by the stampede of Migrants heading to Germany, after Merkel had extended an "open arms" invitation to "800 000 qualified workers".   She had to close German entry points to some towns because they could not cope with the mass of arrivals.  This sudden crisis quickly erased the applause.

Merkel in fact had overstepped the limits of her assumed Leadership in Germany and of the EUROZONE, even of the EU !  The reality is that she has overstepped her own "red lines" !   Many countries are not prepared to accept "unexpected quotas" of arriving "refugees" proposed by Merkel and her twin, Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the EU Commission.

Countries like Hungary have simply closed their Frontiers with hastily erected fencing and others have stopped train services into the EU.  Others have said they cannot, like Germany, afford to accept thousands of "refugees". 

Merkel must now fear that she has lost the "block vote" of EUROZONE countries to push through her plans for the allocation of refugees, at the meeting next Wednesday of the  Council of EU Leaders.   

Even in Germany Merkel has reasons to panic. Her political party (CDU) is in a Coalition (with SPD)  and she now also has her critics in the German Bundesrat (Parliament). 

Since she has been Chancellor, and after the  recent 3rd bailout to prevent a "Grexit" and to protect the EURO, Greece will have cost Germany and other EUROZONE countries more than 400 billion Euros.  Now "refugees" are invading Greek islands which could again increase the costs !

Merkel has been Chancellor for the last 10 years.  Current events are sorely testing her popularity !


Friday, 18 September 2015


Closing the main entry points of the EU Schengen area, has only increased the determination of desperate Migrants from many of the world's trouble spots, to try to break into any EU country where this is still possible. 

At the Summit of the 28 National Leaders, hastily scheduled for next Wednesday, September 23, 2015 the German Chancellor Angela Merkel hopes to persuade all EU countries to accept at least the number of "refugees" which were originally allocated. That was after Germany announced it would accept "800 000 qualified workers".

Since her "open armed welcome"  Chancellor Merkel now thinks that probably 1 000 000 will arrive in Germany this year !  Reliable statistics are not yet available.

Will the coming winter and its cold weather discourage would be immigrants and refugees ?  The winter weather in Central Europe and Germany can be bitter at times (- 20° to - 30°).  Or will the Migrants seek the warmer climate in Southern Europe, sheltering in Greece, Italy, Southern France, Spain and in Portugal ?  That would create new problems where they are not expected !

Finally, at this Summit of the 28 Leaders, Plans for  Migrants in 2016 must be envisaged, even if the number of forecasted Migrants may be lower next year.  The EU may try to police its Frontiers more efficiently but how many determined Migrants will still manage to get into the EU ?  Who will greet them ?




Le propiétaire qui envisage de mettre un logement en location doit fournir au futur locataire un dossier de diagnostic technique:
  -  diagnostic de performance énergétique (degré d'isolation thermique),
  -  risque d'exposition au plomb et à l'amiante,
  -  un état de l'installation de l'électricité et du gaz,
  -  un état des risques naturels et technologiques.

C'est ce que rappelle notre caricaturiste " MARIN".

Thursday, 17 September 2015


The current EU crisis, provoked by the countless "refugees" trying to set foot in any EU country they can possibly reach, has revealed a total lack of unity by the EU in its efforts to stop them.

The article in this Blog (1) yesterday questioned the very fact whether Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany had obtained the "prior autorisation of the Council of Ministers to invite 800 000 (and more) "refugees" into the EU".

The unco-ordinated, piecemeal reaction of all EU countries indicates that nothing had been agreed, nor discussed, at the top level beforehand. 

Angela Merkel, has assumed the Leadership of the EUROZONE and the defence of the EURO, because Germany has invested heavily (with other countries as well) in the protection of this new currency.  She has her country's interests at heart.

However, has it not now become urgent and necessary to precisely define the limits of what the EUROZONE "must and cannot" decide alone, to protect the EURO ?

In particular this obviously means ensuring the proper management of the European Central Bank and its monetary policies.   This is the same responsibility which all non-Eurozone countries already ensure with respect to their own local currency. 

It also means that any other non-monetary decision which the EUROZONE as a Group may wish to propose, must obtain the prior approval of the EU Council, to avoid unexpected repercussions on non-EURO countries.

(1)  Read the article "Did the EU authorise Merkel's "Open Arms" invitation ?


Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Selon  « l’OBS INfOGRAPHIE »  il y aurait environ 690 000 hommes, femmes et enfants  privés de domicile . En clair : des SDF. .
Il y a des HLM vides parce qu’elles ne sont pas « aux normes ». Il manque un ou plusieurs éléments suivants : Accès handicapés, insonorisation optimum, chauffage , détecteurs de fumées, signalisation, sorties de secours, traces d’amiante, de plomb etc.
Question : La tente de fortune, la bâche en plastique tendue au dessus de deux cartons, ou le carton sans bâche plastique sont ils aux normes ?   


When Chancellor Merkel saw the plight of refugees fleeing the Middle East just to save their lives, she quite rightly took pity !   She was quickly appreciated for her compassion.

However, when she suddenly said that Germany would welcome 800 000 "Qualified workers" and then asked Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the EU Commission to allocate a further 160 000 to other EU countries, a stampede of immigrants began and several EU countries revolted.

To compound the general panic, Merkel then ordered the closure of certain entry points in Germany : some towns were not prepared for the sudden arrival of so many "immigrants" !

The real question which needs answering is : "Did Angela Merkel obtain the prior authorisation of the Council of Ministers to invite so many "refugees" into the EU ?  Did all the Members of the Council back her Plan ? 

From the recent reactions to the sudden invasion of so many immigrants of all types, it is not surprising that some countries have flatly refused to take any "migrants" at all and that some countries have built fences to keep invading migrants out of their countries.

For years an efficient policing of external EU borders has been neglected.  Now fencing is being hastily built : the cost is and should be shared by all countries in the Schengen area.  Small countries, like Greece in particular, need this financial help !

The initiatives Angela Merkel has taken has  shocked some countries, particularly the smaller ones, including some in the  Eurozone.   It is not surprising that another meeting of the EU Interior Ministers has been scheduled for next Monday ; the meeting on Monday September 14th was probably not long enough to solve all the  problems...         

Finally, what emerges from this upheaval is that the Council of the EU really needs a governmental style of "Cabinet" to monitor "National initiatives" by the 28 Countries and Leaders.  Further panics, like this one on "immigrants", must be avoided when National decisions are taken which could also have an effect on other countries in the EU ! 

If no satisfactory Operating Rules are found, this could destroy the future of the EU and the EURO .


Tuesday, 15 September 2015


A press conference was held in Zurich by the USA attorney general Loretta Lynch in the presence of the Swiss attorney general Michael Lauber yesterday.  This revealed that the Swiss and USA  authorities, which are separately  investigating FIFA, are co-operating and that further indictments will be made. 

One can expect the usual affirmation from Sepp Blatter, the FIFA President, that he "is clean" !  If that is supposed to mean that he has not enriched himself by accepting any bribes, one should not question the fact. 

However, the fact that FIFA officials who Blatter knew well over a long period of time, have now been indicted for racketeering, accepting bribes and money laundering, raises questions concerning his competence as President.

In normal public or private companies, when a scandal of this magnitude is identified, the President is held responsible and fired on the spot !   Particularly when a "hot" report, like the 350 page Garcia Report, which revealed profiteering by FIFA executives is received.    Blatter preferred to publish the shorter summary prepared by Eckert which absolved everyone in FIFA . 

This may soon come back to haunt him, but he is still the President until his successor is elected in February 2016 !



La Présidente du Haut Comité pour le logement des personnes défavorisées, Marie-Arlette Carlotti,  propose la "mobilisation des 77 310 logements sociaux vacants afin d'accueillir les personnes réfugiées".  Il s'agit de logements en attente de locataires depuis plus de trois mois.

Excellente initiative !   Mais peut-on nous expliquer pourquoi ces logements n'ont pas déjà été attribués à des personnes sans emploi, à des familles en difficulté, à des personnes en situation précaire, ou encore à des SDF, pour lesquels il manque chaque année des hébergements d'urgence ?

Les français se poseront sans doute la question ...



Monday, 14 September 2015


EU Interior Ministers have been summoned to an  emergency meeting this afternoon in Brussels to discuss how the refugees from the Middle East can be allocated to countries in the EU.

As previous articles have already indicated, the open armed welcome extended by Chancellor Angela Merkel to 800 000 refugees to come to Germany, has created an immediate scramble to get there as quickly as possible.  German cities are not ready to cope with the demands.

Likewise, the 160 000 other refugees, who should be allocated to other EU countries, has revealed a definite unwillingness by several countries to accept refugees. 

This meeting will try to summarise all the objections to determine what must be done to prevent more panic among immigrants and more dissention among EU member countries.  The plans for Immigrants next year will almost certainly also be evoked.

Can action be taken before the next meeting of the Council of Ministers on October 15 + 16, 2015 ?  That remains to be seen ! 



Sunday, 13 September 2015


There is consternation everywhere in the EU over the decision to permit almost one million refugees fleeing from oppression to enter Schengen area countries this year. 

Some countries have flatly refused to follow the wishes of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who states that Germany will accept up to 800 000 "qualified workers" which presumably includes accompanying family members.  She wants other countries accept to a further 160 000 refugees.

However, the very latest news today is that Germany is now setting-up controls on its border with Austria and no trains to Germany are leaving Austria.  It seems too many "migrants" are heading to German towns and these are not ready !

Merkel was indeed quick today to set up border controls INSIDE the EU Schengen area. Yet she has always frowned in the past when countries  wanted effective  Border Controls, to stop Immigrants  getting into the Schengen area !

The next meeting of the European Council is scheduled for October 15 + 16, when Migration will be discussed "in all its aspects" according to the draft Agenda.   This must include effective Border Controls all around the whole Schengen Area, but also a decision on whether  "immigrants or refugees" will continue to be welcomed, with open arms, into the EU next year !

These issues are fundamental and could provoke some countries in the EU to reconsider seriously their future allegiance to the EU.  The dream of a United Europe could then be receding !




Saturday, 12 September 2015


Yesterday, 74% of UK MPs voted against a proposed law which would have permitted assisted dying.  They were 72% in 1997.  

When someone is in pain due to an incurable illness, when he considers he can no longer live a normal life, should he not have the right to chose to end his life ?   Should this not be his Human Right ?

All any Government should provide, is the legal framework to ensure that it is really the person's wish to die. 

Politicians only worry about how their vote could affect   their next election.   The fact that in Britain only the "Rich" can finance a quick one way trip to Switzerland, but that the others can only go on suffering, does not really seem to bother MPs !

As we have already written in this Blog (1)  David Cameron should organise a Referendum.  At least then it would be the voters who decide what they really want the law to be on assisted dying.  He and the other MPs then would have nothing to lose.

In fact they would probably gain more respect !

(1) Read the article dated 16/8/2015 "Euthanasia : Politicians avoid the issue".



Friday, 11 September 2015


Angela Merkel is the elected Chancellor of Germany and she is also a powerful leader in the EU, but through her compassion for immigrants from the Middle East, she has now flung open the gates of the EU to welcome more than a million refugees !

As Chancellor she has announced that Germany will accept 800 000 "qualified workers" but not those fleeing economic poverty.   She has also instructed Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the EU Commission, to try to allocate a further 160 000 refugees to other EU countries.

Germany's economic affluence can absorb Refugees because its industries are short of workers.  Other EU countries are not all in such a fortunate position ! 

Merkel is riding a tide of general compassion by all right thinking persons, for miserable Migrants who are forced to flee their country just to save their lives.  But, only one million migrants this year does not mean there will be none in the coming years !  

Should a referendum not be organised in EU countries which are being obliged to accept Refugees, this year and in later years ?  Should the electorate not be democratically consulted on such an important issue ?

Likewise in Germany, should Merkel not consult her electors and those of her Coalition.  Not only in Germany but everywhere, there is compassion, but there are also limits !



Thursday, 10 September 2015


The urgent problem today is to welcome the fleeing refugees from the Middle East.  Everyone knows this is a crisis which could go on for some years.

Chancellor Merkel has stated that Germany will wellcome 800 000 "qualified refugees", but not those flleeing from economic poverty.

She has asked Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the EU Commission, to ensure the distribution of 160 000 other refugees to other countries in the "EU" !

Merkel does not have the backing of all the other 27  countries in the EU or even those in the EUROZONE !   

At a summit on September, 4th in Prague, Poland, Hungary, Tcheck Republic and Slovakia all were against any quotas being imposed.  Hungary will adopt new anti-immigration laws and will close its frontier with Serbia.

Spain refuses any immigrants because of its 22% unemployment problem.  Britain refuses any EU quotas and Denmark has suspended all train services with Germany.

Even with the help of Jean-Claude Juncker, Merkel will face stiff opposition for her plan to be adopted. 





Richard Scudamore quite rightly draws attention to the huge sums paid by Premier League clubs which prefer to buy foreign players with a proven track record, rather than investing in the development of home grown talent.

Such a policy does nothing for the future of the National teams in Great Britain.   The grassroots development of the game by smaller clubs is not helped either when clubs like Chelsea "loan out" 29 players to "nurseries", even if they temporarily pay the wages of such players.  

Nursery clubs need good young talent to help the fight for promotion and the profits from selling a young star.

Premier League clubs receive and share of huge payments for the televising of games.  This money is then used to used to ensure more success by buying  proven, talented stars from all over the world.  

Should the number of players loaned out by Premiership Clubs not be limited ?   Should the number of players in the "first team squad" not be limited ?  Should rich clubs not be restricted by the number of foreign star players  they are allowed to acquire ?   

If nothing changes the days when Britain led the world as a football nation may be limited !




Le 13 juin dernier, lors d'une réunion avec des nouveaux adhérents, et à propos des conditions d'acquisition de la nationalité française, Nicolas Sarkozy faisait mine de s'interroger :

" Faut-il remettre en cause le droit du sol ? Cette question incontestablement peut se poser ".
Il indiquait alors vouloir consulter les militants par voie de référendum interne avant l'été 2016.

Volte face aujourd'hui de Nicolas Sarkozy, qui interrogé sur la nécessité de supprimer le droit du sol, comme le demande Marine Le Pen, répond catégoriquement :

 "Non car le risque est grand d'ouvrir un débat idéologique qui retardera encore l'adoption d'une nouvelle politique d'immigration adaptée à la situation" .

Et d'ajouter," le droit du sol est une tradition française appartenant à l'identité française.  Je suis pour le maintien du droit du sol et son adaptation " ( Interview publiée dans "Le Figaro" du 10 septembre 2015 ).

Au moins nul ne pourra lui reprocher de chercher sur ce point à courtiser les électeurs du Front National !


Wednesday, 9 September 2015


The Middle East is at present a hotbed of local conflicts.  Extreme Islamists, in the name of Allah, are destroying everything in their path, with the avowed aim of wanting to create a new totalitarian State of Islam; this has resulted in thousands of people of all religious communities to flee from the Middle East.  

For the last 18 months the Western Coalition has increasingly bombarded key Islamic State positions in Iraq.   France has just started  reconnaissance flights  over the Syrian State. 

It is Feet on the Ground from local areas of conflict which are required, to ensure the gradual recovery of land conquered by the Islamist State.

Several Western Countries have also been attacked by Islamic Terrorists and they now work together to identify nests of activists in their respective countries.  

These activists plan more attacks in Europe and  also recruit and prepare future soldiers to fight in the Middle East to further the cause of the Islamic State.  It is a sad reality that these "soldiers" in fact become cheap "cannon fodder" on the front lines and are 90% of the battle casualties !

Urgent meetings are taking place to increase the co-ordination of the efforts of the West.  It is only in this way that one can reasonably expect a diminution of the number of refugees fleeing against their will. 





Réformera-t-on le Code du Travail par le biais des accords collectifs de branches ou d'entreprises ? Cette possibilité d'assouplir le droit du travail n'est pas nouvelle.  La législation actuelle l'autorise déjà dans certains cas ; elle permet par exemple de négocier par accord majoritaire une durée du travail effective supérieure à la durée légale.  Toutefois de tels accords ont été rares dans le passé et les syndicats peu enclins à les conclure.

Récemment la loi pour la croissance, l'activité et l'égalité des chances, dite "loi Macron" a conditionné l'ouverture des grands magasins parisiens à la conclusion d'accords avec les syndicats, accords qui, on le voit déjà à l'heure actuelle, seront difficile à obtenir...   Dommage que le recours au référendum d'entreprise proposé par le Sénat, pour passer outre à l'opposition des syndicats, ait été écarté par le Gouvernement !

François Hollande qui le 14 juillet dernier s'est félicité d'être un "Président  audacieux", osera-t-il innover pour réformer le droit du travail en profondeur et sortir les entreprises, notamment les PME, du carcan dans lequel les enferme trop souvent le code du travail, sans pour autant les placer sous la dépendance des syndicats ?



Wayne Rooney, who will be 30 next month, has become the most prolific scorer for England and is credited with 50 goals.   At his age, it is certain that he will add more goals to his tally.

The irony is that in all sports it is the goals that are scored that are remembered !   It is not the goals that are not scored because of the valiant acts of the defenders.  Who counts them ?   

We should not forget idols like Stanley Matthews who dazzled everyone with his dribbles and then sent over inch perfect centres to be knocked into the goal !   How many goals did he create ?  He scored few himself .

Alas for Wayne Rooney, his ultimate tally of goals for England will also be passed a short time after his retirement !     Have you noticed that 49 "own goals" have been scored for England over many years by miserable opponents trying to defend their goal ?

They will carry on adding to the total of 49 and long after Wayne Rooney has retired !



Tuesday, 8 September 2015


The current invasion of the EU by Immigrants was not foreseen when EU Treaties were adopted.  This has already created confusion which is testified by the lose way "new arrivals" at EU frontiers are described.

One cannot simply refuse entry to all "new arrivals", particularly when they are victims of oppression like those fleeing their homes to escape callous Extremist Muslims in the Middle East. 

Germany is prepared to accept more than its fair share of immigrants and other countries also will help.  This is admirable, but with probably more than a million "new arrivals" this year and in 2016 as well, what will their rights be ?

The SCHENGEN Treaty was originally signed in 1985 and provided for the "free movement of persons" within the EU.  Finally it was integrated in the AMSTERDAM Treaty of 1997 and now forms the basic law on "immigration" into the EU.

The question now becomes "could new immigrants from outside the EU acquire the right to migrate to any other country once they have obtained the "right to reside" in an EU country" ?  If the answer is "Yes" then what would happen if all the new migrants later decide they would prefer to settle in France rather than in Germany.

If immigrants obtain the nationality and passport of an EU country, could they then freely move to another EU country of their choice like a migrant who was "born and bred" in the EU ? 

Should a clear definition not be enacted in the EU Treaties that only an EU Citizen who was born and bred in the EU has the "right to migrate" to another EU country ?        

Smaller countries in the EU need protection because they cannot afford to accommodate floods of migrants !  Some are already manifesting their reluctance and threatening to close their Frontier to all immigrants. 

Also European Leaders must realise that there are many other potential immigrants from other corners of the World like Africa and Asia, who are watching and wondering if now is not the time to try their luck.

Without "Action" the current immigration crisis will not "just go away" for a long time !




Monday, 7 September 2015


François Hollande vient de faire son mea culpa !

Le Président regrette d'avoir abandonné l'idée de Nicolas Sarkozy de créer une TVA sociale pour alléger les charges des entreprises et favoriser l'emploi  (cf "Le stage est fini" de Françoise Fressoz publié chez Albin Michel).