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Wednesday, 16 September 2015


When Chancellor Merkel saw the plight of refugees fleeing the Middle East just to save their lives, she quite rightly took pity !   She was quickly appreciated for her compassion.

However, when she suddenly said that Germany would welcome 800 000 "Qualified workers" and then asked Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the EU Commission to allocate a further 160 000 to other EU countries, a stampede of immigrants began and several EU countries revolted.

To compound the general panic, Merkel then ordered the closure of certain entry points in Germany : some towns were not prepared for the sudden arrival of so many "immigrants" !

The real question which needs answering is : "Did Angela Merkel obtain the prior authorisation of the Council of Ministers to invite so many "refugees" into the EU ?  Did all the Members of the Council back her Plan ? 

From the recent reactions to the sudden invasion of so many immigrants of all types, it is not surprising that some countries have flatly refused to take any "migrants" at all and that some countries have built fences to keep invading migrants out of their countries.

For years an efficient policing of external EU borders has been neglected.  Now fencing is being hastily built : the cost is and should be shared by all countries in the Schengen area.  Small countries, like Greece in particular, need this financial help !

The initiatives Angela Merkel has taken has  shocked some countries, particularly the smaller ones, including some in the  Eurozone.   It is not surprising that another meeting of the EU Interior Ministers has been scheduled for next Monday ; the meeting on Monday September 14th was probably not long enough to solve all the  problems...         

Finally, what emerges from this upheaval is that the Council of the EU really needs a governmental style of "Cabinet" to monitor "National initiatives" by the 28 Countries and Leaders.  Further panics, like this one on "immigrants", must be avoided when National decisions are taken which could also have an effect on other countries in the EU ! 

If no satisfactory Operating Rules are found, this could destroy the future of the EU and the EURO .