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Friday, 18 September 2015


Closing the main entry points of the EU Schengen area, has only increased the determination of desperate Migrants from many of the world's trouble spots, to try to break into any EU country where this is still possible. 

At the Summit of the 28 National Leaders, hastily scheduled for next Wednesday, September 23, 2015 the German Chancellor Angela Merkel hopes to persuade all EU countries to accept at least the number of "refugees" which were originally allocated. That was after Germany announced it would accept "800 000 qualified workers".

Since her "open armed welcome"  Chancellor Merkel now thinks that probably 1 000 000 will arrive in Germany this year !  Reliable statistics are not yet available.

Will the coming winter and its cold weather discourage would be immigrants and refugees ?  The winter weather in Central Europe and Germany can be bitter at times (- 20° to - 30°).  Or will the Migrants seek the warmer climate in Southern Europe, sheltering in Greece, Italy, Southern France, Spain and in Portugal ?  That would create new problems where they are not expected !

Finally, at this Summit of the 28 Leaders, Plans for  Migrants in 2016 must be envisaged, even if the number of forecasted Migrants may be lower next year.  The EU may try to police its Frontiers more efficiently but how many determined Migrants will still manage to get into the EU ?  Who will greet them ?