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Wednesday, 23 September 2015


When Angela Merkel opened the floodgates with her "open arms invitation" for "refugees" she clearly said that Germany would accept 800 000 "qualified workers" !

Is this not an example of "selective immigration" ? In fact, is this not exactly what most countries in the EU want as a basic principle when deciding which immigrants they would be prepared to accept ?

To be brutally frank, young and skilled refugees  who can work for their living are not a problem when industries lack skilled workers.  The real problem concerns refugees or immigrants who are too old to work and are without resources ! 

Merkel's invitation has provoked a race to get into  the "Schengen area".  Up to one million migrants are now expected in Germany in 2015 !

Naturally Germany now wants other countries to share the burden.   This is by way of a quota system of the remaining 120 000 above the 800 000 which Germany will not take !

Will these other countries be able to "select" which "refugees" they are prepared to accept ?  The answer appears to be "NO" !   What will then happen to those refugees not selected ?

A clarification of current EU intentions and principles is urgent !  This problem will not simply "go away" !  It will again become a critical point of discussion very shortly, when the current tide of "migrants" does not subside !  How many "refugees" will knock on EU doors at entry points in the coming six months ?

Is it surprising, that particularly in the EUROZONE, some countries have refused point blank to accept their allocation of "refugees" ?