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Saturday, 19 September 2015


Chancellor Merkel's compassion for miserable migrants fleeing their homelands, to save their lives and escape the oppression of Extremist Islamists in the Middle East, was quickly applauded in Germany and all over the EU !

However this instant euphoria was just as quickly effaced by the stampede of Migrants heading to Germany, after Merkel had extended an "open arms" invitation to "800 000 qualified workers".   She had to close German entry points to some towns because they could not cope with the mass of arrivals.  This sudden crisis quickly erased the applause.

Merkel in fact had overstepped the limits of her assumed Leadership in Germany and of the EUROZONE, even of the EU !  The reality is that she has overstepped her own "red lines" !   Many countries are not prepared to accept "unexpected quotas" of arriving "refugees" proposed by Merkel and her twin, Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the EU Commission.

Countries like Hungary have simply closed their Frontiers with hastily erected fencing and others have stopped train services into the EU.  Others have said they cannot, like Germany, afford to accept thousands of "refugees". 

Merkel must now fear that she has lost the "block vote" of EUROZONE countries to push through her plans for the allocation of refugees, at the meeting next Wednesday of the  Council of EU Leaders.   

Even in Germany Merkel has reasons to panic. Her political party (CDU) is in a Coalition (with SPD)  and she now also has her critics in the German Bundesrat (Parliament). 

Since she has been Chancellor, and after the  recent 3rd bailout to prevent a "Grexit" and to protect the EURO, Greece will have cost Germany and other EUROZONE countries more than 400 billion Euros.  Now "refugees" are invading Greek islands which could again increase the costs !

Merkel has been Chancellor for the last 10 years.  Current events are sorely testing her popularity !